The Comfort Killers Radio

Bring Leadership Back to Business with Paola Andrea Daza Aragon

July 21, 2016

On today’s episode I talked to the Comfort Killer, Paola Andrea Daza Aragon. (Yep, it’s a tongue twister) – Paola is a well-educated, super dedicated, super passionate individual living in Bogotá, Colombia. Paola got in touch with me a little while back to discuss, MLM, leadership and business. I was instantly drawn closer to learn more about Paola and her mission to bring quality, ethical leadership back to business. . Here’s more from Paola herself: I am a policy analyst and have an MA in International Development. This field of expertise is dedicated to understand social and economic challenges to develop policies that change circumstances to better the lives of people being affected by said challenges. This is kind of the fast and easy explanation. It is important to keep in mind that us humans, are complex beings and that the system we designed to be able to leave with each other has proven to be broken. Remain uncomfortable, Stacy neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.