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Potential and Freedom Dates

July 28, 2016

I was swamped at the resource center the other day…. Totally wet, soggy, hot and overworked. See, there was a storm that passed through and we received two diverted flights one of which I took control of from the time it landed in PHL. Long story short it poured rain… lightening, thunder, hunger, feet done. I had to go to JFK that night to assist 4 unaccompanied minors. I didn’t get home until 8 A.M the next morning. Took a cab. I slept the entire day away. I was beat to say the least. Many things on my to-do list for this company was canceled rightfully but I wondered to myself am I doing enough. I woke up in a daze – in such disgust and anger that I couldn’t (because my body wouldn’t allow) perform in my business. I didn’t accomplish something for the day. I have a Freedom date; and I wanted to publicize it today for you. I want to scream it loud and proud because I understand, I truly do – when life gets in the way. What’s a freedom date? A freedom date is a date you set and stick to – It is a big risk date, do or die. It’s not waiting for the perfect thing to happen .. it’s the date you say enough is fucking enough. My freedom date is 1/1/17 – What’s yours? What is the hard cold date you set for yourself to do something crazy, great, risky, humiliating, bold, absurd? See everyone around you will believe you are totally crazy. Looney Bin crazy. But you have got to set it to make it real. I understand how life gets in the way. Your freedom date is yours to keep. Work towards it not for it. Let’s look up one word today – POTENTIAL. This should be fun! Take out your Merriam Webster … neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.