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Sept. 29, 2016

Good morning Comfort Killers Worldwide. It’s always the perfect time and today my friends we are in greatness. Surrounded by love and prosperity, abundance and talent. Today we are going to get uncomfortable. On February 14th Valentine’s Day, the day of love and commerce, gifts, hearts and roses I walked the hell up out of a seminar that I felt was a joke to the motivational industry. On that day, I fell in love with myself. 100% on that day and It was because I took control back in my life. Here I am 8 months later. Ready to begin a new month in business. I haven’t stopped yet… not so much as blink an eye at the idea of quitting – Most people cherish that because they can’t understand it. They’ve failed, started something and completely plummeted to failure – now there listening to this whispering that 8 months is a fluke and they need to see more out of it. Well let’s be honest first it is 7 months and 29 days. In all that is 228 days. In all that’s 5, 472 hours. I’d like you to know right now that for at least 220 of those days I focused on business. I’m still at the resource center so we have to split the time. Rule of thumb, I always like to do more for me and my business than I do for someone else’s business. 220 days 100% on my business – on my game. It can be done! I want you to track your progress too. See, no one is going to care about YOUR numbers. They are yours. Imagine what you could have accomplished if you spent just 220 days on it? Crazy right. I’ve learned so much and put in MASSIVE work, and now I am rolling into Q4. The big quarter 4. As I mentioned on a post – We will change the frequency of this very podcast. Instead of once a week .. there will be an additional 2 maybe 3 shows. Not sure yet – still working that calendar friends. But you don’t care about that – you care right now how I am able to remain focused, and not fall into the trap that most entrepreneurs or wanna bees fall into. I used to fall in the trap but now I don’t even look back there. You know when you had a taste of first class – how you just don’t even look back there anymore that’s my style! I did it using my 3 C’s of CCCHANGE theory and method. The 3 C’s of CCCHANGE is a practical tool used to completely turn your life around. Here’s an example. Say you want to stop gambling. Forget AA or Gambler’s anonymous (Hi my name is Stacy) forget that. Using the 3 C’s tool will make it happen for you. First you Confront – Commit and then Create. Simple but its magic when you put to use. This is how I changed my life. People would say Stacy why put Confront first.. wouldn’t you want to commit first. In the case of our anonymous gambler let me explain. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.