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Get Uncomfortable with Grant Cardone

Nov. 17, 2016

Get uncomfortable with Grant Cardone. Good morning Comfort Killers – Hoping your day is as amazing as mine! We are all about killing comfort and figuring out more ways to get uncomfortable in life and in business! I’ve been feeding my ear with Grant’s principles, books and streams for 2 years. I love his no nonsense talk about action, business, focus and obsessions. His new book Be obsessed or Be Average BOBA is flying off stock room shelves now – His 7th book included in his arsenal – our household has the book AND audiobook! For me it is all about growth for myself and my company – The Comfort Killers. We are always moving in life looking for new people, resources and targets. Grant Cardone for me was someone I respected in business – he wasn’t my target. Upon releasing BOBA – He put out an ad that he would love to do an interview about his book and will be on a mission to get his word out – I took action and emailed my mentor about doing one – but it wouldn’t be a regular interview, it would be face to face on his turf in Miami. Shivhon my operations manager booked travel and hotel for us to finish the deal. Here is what happened to us when we landed. How the universe provides lessons in everything. Shivhon booked first a boutique hotel – a small apartment room hotel close to Grant’s offices. We figure it would be a nice hotel just around the block in walking distance. When we got to the hotel no one was there – there were codes to enter. We entered them then entered in. It was cute, modern, European style hotel. Modern artwork and such. The room itself was cold and smelled musty. Probably because the water in the sink doesn’t drain, a fly dead on the towel and a spider running across the bed. I learned a lot right then and there about settling. Settling for less than you dreamed of – settling for second best. Settling for distance to his office – or a job – or anything we settle for. Shivhon and I grabbed a quick bite at a great restaurant around the corner and made the decision to book another hotel – this time 2 miles away, this time 2 times amount the money we already spent. We arrived and felt great instantly. It wasn’t a 5-star hotel – it was no Ritz but we felt great about the atmosphere and the people coming in and out, doing business. With all these great things in life - again I tell you. Do not settle. Back to Grant – Back to Obsessed. I happened to be in the room for Grant Cardone’s Sales Meeting – A morning meeting where his team provides scope, goals, targets and results. It was intense in there. I loved watching as he spoke to his team about culture and mission – gave them insight and reaffirmed that his company is there to HELP people. They reviewed the numbers and had new motivation and inspiration for today. Companies are built. Culture is created and then enforced. Everyday Grant is reinforcing culture and mission to keep everyone aligned to a purpose. It was a beautiful experience for sure. Now I was pumped and ready for my interview with the man himself. Here are some things I noticed about him. He is super focused and wastes no time. I mean he doesn’t manage a calendar – he controls time. I’ve heard him mention this before but now I see it in motion. I thought I was a maniac with time but I am definitely not doing enough in terms of this. Controlling is way better than managing. How can we get uncomfortable? How can we use fear to grow? I’ve been pointing in this direction for a while. Of course, I was nervous – I was in a new place doing this new thing. We are going to feel new feelings. How to combat this? You have to be Nike when it comes to this – You just gotta do it. Planning doesn’t really do any justice. You plan for an interview – asking questions and he answering them. And then grant breaks up the action and calls for a stack of checks made out to him that is on his desk. He plays no games. Now I am staring at 100, 000 dollar checks, 89 thousand, 21 thousand and 7 thousand dollar checks. He is transparent – he tells me ideas don’t feed kids and build businesses. He wants me to focus on money and how you change the world and with it. You want to teach millions to get uncomfortable – you need money for that. You want to sell products; you need money for that. This whole time I have been sharing with you guys that if you do not have money use other currency – it will help you get started. Other currencies that you can use is time, discipline, sacrifice, effort and attitude. You have an infinite amount of all of them. Use them. But – I am not on a different level with my company and business. Here is the analogy I created. A mom is pregnant for 9 months. I started this company 9 months ago. A baby is born – my baby was born yesterday. They name their baby. I named my baby, a movement. What now? The baby is hungry, crying for attention and wants to eat! Where’s my money! Now that I take The Comfort Killers to the next level – People are going to be bouncing off my mailing list. The folks that are content consuming. They will not understand the cycle of a business and how money lines up with your mission. I want them to leave. I can motivate them in under 140 characters on twitter. This business is built off of content. Premium content which I will not retract. I give give give. And in this giving mentality -we will grow! The baby is hungry. I just released a WAR PLAN for 2017 – This is how I devise up my quarters and my targets. I provide this to you for 19.99$ and it is available now! Visit that is neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.