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When You Know, You Know! Here's How to Know!

Jan. 5, 2017

Hello Comfort Killers I am Stacy A. Cross and there is no E in my name! Welcome to The Get Uncomfortable podcast show where I, your host continues to spill the beans in life and business. Giving you useful strategies, tips that I shoot off from the hip! Before we go any further, I want to say happy New Year to all my killers worldwide. I check the stats! I know who is listening, I know who is here: I just want you to know that I appreciate greatly your engagement and for all those who are on the mailing list that receive my newsletter – Thank you! If you are not on my mailing list yet, visit to jump on it. This year you will hear who my sponsors are – you will come to love them as your own because I choose carefully and honestly because I care about my audience, my people, my comfort killers! Now, what do you know about STATS? That word used to scare the heck out of me, because it meant I had to do work. I never took a statistics class in my life and probably didn’t because I avoided the work. The STATS that I am interested now is the stats I put on myself. Wouldn’t it be FUN to know exactly where you stand? Well let’s take this podcast for instance right now we are hovering just under 12,500 downloads for 2016. Not bad, but to me that’s not good. I want 50,000 a month. That’s my goal. But it’s good that I know where I am now. Let’s look up a word. The word is Statistics, let’s try to find its deeper meaning. Go grab your dictionary. Statistics = is a collection of quantitative data. Easy, breezy. Let’s try to find something deeper. a number that represents a piece of information (such as information about how often something is done, how common something is, etc.) A number plotted. I plot monthly for my podcast and I can see that I receive over 2500 listens a month. Now if next month I drop to 2100 and the month after that I drop to 1800 and the month after that I drop again to 1500 then I have a down stat, which means I need to focus on my energy and action and look from above and ask questions. What did you not do for the last 4 months that you did do before that? I answer, I didn’t promote on all my channels – I just promoted on one. I failed to tell new people about my podcast or my topics weren’t that great. I find the root cause of this drop and I apply a formula to it. I need to get back to normal first. I am in a mode to get back to a solid 2500 or better. What does this take? This takes doing more and even more than I did when I had a 2500 stat. Massive action needs to be taken in order to do so but first it starts with STAT. So how do you plot? I went way old school with this and went out and bought graph paper. You remember that? The X and Y axis? The easiest way to see your condition (how you are doing) is to look at it. Statistics don’t lie and neither does non-productivity. If you are trying to remain at killer levels in life and business you are going to need to apply stats everywhere in your life. Want to lose weight? Get a scale. Plot your weight. Plot the numbers. One of my goals this year is to lose 50lbs. The first thing we did was acquire a scale because I need to know. If you do not know then you are in doubt and mystery. Why be in mystery? If someone asks you? Hey, how are you doing in such and such? How many calls did you make? How many emails did you send? How many times did you eat today? Everything should be answered cleanly. Remain uncomfortable, Stacy A. Cross neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.