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How to Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

July 5, 2016

Making Profit Out of Lemonade: Avoiding an Extended Stay in the Comfort Zone


No matter where you are, you have a “comfort zone” for your finances, your health, and lifestyle. This state is where we either stay in or strive for. While building a stable environment is important, it’s also important to realize how not growing in that environment could cause problems. Think about Kodak or Blockbuster.


If you have ever wanted to take a step out of that comfort zone, but hesisted, I invite you to ask three questions to yourself:


Am I afraid to step out because of the past? Realize that fear is primarily a mental reaction to what we perceive. It doesn’t exist outside of you or the situation.


Will I die if I do this? IAt its most basic level, fear is about keeping us alive. That being said, a lot of fear that we bring to the table isn’t about keeping us alive. It’s about keeping us mentally and physically comfortable.


Are you prepared? Anytime you learn something new is comes at the risk of failure.  Are you able to press forward knowing this? neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.