Get Motivated, Get Moving With Jordan Strauss

5 Things You Should Never Say

Aug. 13, 2016

Let’s assume we have two people who have the same goal of managing their time at work better. These two people decide to pursue their goal the same way (use a timer to focus more and take regularly scheduled breaks). One person achieves massive success that day and  leverages that success into a record-breaking month at work. The other person is still in the daily habit of reviewing their 29+ notifications on Facebook. 


While there could be many reasons why the two people in this scenario achieved different results, one area that could have impacted the results is language. In particular, I’m focusing on the “innocent phrases” that we use daily. Here are five good ones: 

  1. I’m not special. 
  1. I don’t have time. 
  1. I’m lazy. 
  1. I don’t have a good memory. 
  1. I’m stupid. 

While these might sound like innocent-sounding phrases, I invite you to think a little deeper about the impact repeating these phrases, either internally or out aloud, has on your mind.  Become aware of the situations you use these phrases and how you feel. What impact do you think these words have on you when you use them over and over again? 

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