Get Motivated, Get Moving With Jordan Strauss

How to Prioritize Your Goals

Aug. 13, 2016

For people who have things to do, there is nothing like a to-do list. The problem is that to-do lists never stop growing. Don’t get me wrong, to-do lists often start off with the best intentions. After about a day or two (or even shorter), that list is filled with guilt, regret, and procrastination. 


Why does this happen? 

There are two reasons that I believe that it happens, both stemming from psychology. The first is that we excessively “brain dump”. By that I mean, we don’t just include items on a to-do list. We include obligations, wishes, things we feel guilty about and all kinds of things that don’t belong. The other issue is our brain’s tendency to go for the “easy win”. While looking over our to-do list, most of us tend to do the easy stuff first or the stuff that makes us feel happy.  


So what can you do to improve your to-do list? Organize your goals, tasks, and projects with four simple questions: 

  1. What is most urgent? 
  2. What will have the most impact? 
  3. What will make the most income (money or return on your effort?) 
  4. Is this really the best use of my time? 

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