Bonus Episode – Justice Delayed

July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017 / Colin explores the right to a speedy trial by investigating the case of a North Carolina teenager in jail for over sixteen months awaiting a trial date. Episode scoring music by AnimalWeapon and Blue Dot Sessions. Thank you to our sponsors! Start framing your photos or art today by going to www.framebridge.com/undisclosed to get an additional 15% off your first order! Stamps.com has a special offer including 4-week trial + postage + digital scale by going to www.stamps.com. Clickon the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in Undisclosed! Check out this week’s menu and get your first 3 meals free and with free shipping! Just go to www.blueapron.com/undisclosed and start cooking! #undisclosed

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