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TIME x GPB • Too Hot To Work

Aug. 31, 2023

We're off this week and wanted to bring you something special from our colleagues at TIME and Georgia Public Broadcasting. Earlier this summer, TIME Senior International Climate and Environment Correspondent Aryn Baker teamed up with GPB reporter Sofi Gratas to document the impact that extreme heat has had on the most vulnerable members of America's workforce. As climate change drives rising temperatures across the globe, their on-the-ground reporting allows us to hear from the folks who feel its impact the most – farm workers, delivery drivers, and other essential workers who brave the hazardous heat and risk illness and injury to get the job done when it's too hot to work.


We'll be back next Thursday with a new Person of The Week – until then, tune in to this special report and read more at the links below. Special thanks to Justine Simons, Joey Lautrup, and Josephine Bennett.


Extreme Heat Is Endangering America's Workers—and Its Economy | Aryn Baker | TIME


Heat Makes Outdoor Work Dangerous | Aryn Baker & Joey Lautrup | TIME


Too Hot to Work: How Climate Change is Driving Calls for Worker Safety | Aryn Baker & Sofi Gratas | GPB


Photo Credit: José Ibarra Rizo

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