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PMP #91: How someone who's super organised deals with the unknown

Aug. 12, 2018

You probably know that I’m someone who’s very organised. I live by my calendar, not just for client appointments but I block out time for most of the tasks I’m working on as well. But now we have this baby on the way. Hayley is 33 weeks pregnant and realistically the baby could decide to come early. For all I know, this time next week we could have our baby. As someone who’s lived by his calendar for the last 6 years, not knowing how to plan for something that could happen at any time is difficult. Show notes » Download my productivity blueprint and learn the processes and tools I use to be more organised and achieve more in my business and home life. You'll also get my FREE 3-part video training series where I'll explain 1) 4 simple steps to supercharge your productivity 2) common mistakes to avoid 3) the 10 productivity tools I couldn't live without. Download here » If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the podcast. I'd also love it if you could leave me a review. Doing this will help more people discover the show so they to can get more done and get more out of life. Intro/Outro Music: "Synthia" by Scott & Brendo neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.