No Jumper

Reviews For No Jumper

Update the podcast I listen to this ubering I can’t watch the vid come on man
Great podcast, great people come on, and it leads to hours of entertainment
Gave it try a few times. Much cringe. Go away.
This is the only podcast I listen to
Love the hiphop and yt guests Fix the audio tho chris
coolest podcast in the world
Idk bruh
This dude knows who’s next!
Your old Adam 22 shows used to be so funny and awesome to listen too with a bunch of people but the past couple ones seem more like interviews
I am 16 and follow adam and current pop culture a lot. All the people involved on his shows are perfect representations of different backgrounds, experiences, childhoods, and from different places. It shows no matter who you are, you can succeed. Totally different people are coming together to create a positive environment. No matter what social media says, these people are changing the world one step at a time. @adam22
This is the best podcast hands down. Favorite podcast was xxxtentacion’s. #ripx
This is the lamest thing. A 45 year old washed up drug addict hanging out talking “clout” and drugs with the youth. This shouldn’t be a podcast.
Checked out the interview with Ghostface Killah and it led me to subscribe. The host is a great listener and asks very compelling questions that are clearly well researched. Also he has on some great guests. Thanks for this top notch podcast
Just, no.
I heard diplo say recently on the podcast that people select their type of music that they listen to forever at like 19-20 yrs old... this podcast is my avenue to combat that by keeping up with who’s next. It’s also just funny as hell
Right now topics, very interesting point of view from relative icons in the industry. Very humble and realistic
It’s cool to hear how these artists really act/think. Can’t wait till I make it in your show! Much love! -Nasty Nelo
No jumper is the best around. Entertaining isn’t a problem while listening to the podcast
Just recently found out about no jumper thanks to YouTube.. hands down amazing. Do a podcast with jelly roll
Adam22 is the man!!
This is by far my favorite podcast. Love Adam style and all the guests he has on. This is the podcast for hip hop and a good time. This is one of the podcast that has inspired me to create my own. Keep up the great show No Jumper! My ears are glued.
Adam gets the culture and understands rappers enough for the interviews to be more like casual conversation with friends. Still waiting on the SGP interview!
He just a smart guy! That’s how you do it! On point dude! Respect!!
easily lives up to “the coolest podcast in the world” . ropegang for life
Best interviews with some of the most unique personalities in the world. Like Gary V. on Molly.
The best interviews
One of the best music related podcast that’s not so commercial I love it!
I love listening. Adam is a gem to the rap game
Adam22.... iconic
thank u adam
This boy wild!
A lot of talent has bloomed from this podcast, I love it
best podcast in the world from the 603!
Y'all put out a lot of great content
Best podcast I've ever heat
Best podcast in the world boi.. rope gang
Drugs make Adams work average.
The podcast is okay. But why does Adam feel the need to post terrible mixtapes (chxpo) on a podcast app? That's what soundcloud is for. Your show should be removed from the app
Adam is a great host as he does not ask the generic questions but also provides a rap interview that is unlike any other. With each interview being at least a 1 hour long he really covers his subjects life and rise to success. This is a great podcast if you are looking for inspiration or just general goofiness. Hopefully the new studio goes up soon and more podcasts will start rolling out.