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I've binged over 50 of these episodes and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these recordings. I enjoy having a better idea of how to play DnD, I deeply respect Alex's storywriting ability and preparation, and I admire the contributions of James, Lydia, Bryn, and Ben (creative improv talent and schenanigans). The group has great chemistry and I feel like I'm best friends with all of them, sitting at their table. I love listening to this at work. You, reviewer reader, should start listening as well, asap! You'll feel like you drifted down a river of ball bearings into a cloud of eel quiche in extra dimensional rogue space. Or something. ;)
Love this podcast! Love that each session is reasonable in length, makes it easy to listen to. One shots are great and main campaign, even though a bit rule-learning heavy in the beginning is quite great!
I'm only a few episodes in but I'm in love with this group's dynamic. They're all so fun and creative and the sound design/editing really helps you get into the story
Please don’t stop your Actual Plays! You could do Dungeon World or City of Mists. You could do a Spelljammer 5e. Please don’t stop! You guys are one of my top three podcasts especially since Azu came on. Please!
Just started recently from the beginning but I’ve been hooked since the first episode. Love this group!
I love this podcast so much! I have never played D&D and this is so much fun to listen to that I’m trying to convince my friends to play it with me. Bertie is my favorite character because he’s absolutely hilarious in the ways of solving stuff. I’m extremely sad by his departure, I’m still working my way through the series and hopes James comes back! I hope this podcast last for a very very long time. I hate Alex, but respect his craft 🤣
I don’t know any table top games but this... RQ makes me want to go find people I can play with and just enjoy the fun and madness. I really love this podcast and after catching up to the latest episodes, I went to look for other more but this is by far the best for me. And I don’t regret binging this even if it took me months.
Even if it hurts us.... weekly
A die hard RPG player, I am not. Hell I’m not even a gamer of any kind. Yet I love this podcast. The players and GM are obviously friends and listening is like hanging out with the five coolest people in the world for an hour. I loved this so much I tried other gaming podcasts but they were no good compared to the Rusty Crew.
After trying many rpg podcasts, RQ gaming is far and away the best. Between the GM, players, and characters, there’s never a dull moment. Alex has put together an amazing story/world, and the players really develop their characters while having fun. Everyone in the lovely cast has great chemistry. Oh, and the sound design is on point, as per usual for Rusty Quill. I first listened after trying the magnus archives (love it) and was hooked by ep 2. I genuinely look forward to each weeks episode to hear what’s next in the story! And while specials of other games do interrupt the main campaign sometimes, they pick interesting games to demo. Just be prepared to get WAY too attached to the PCs...
An absolutely great podcast!!! The setting is a VERY fun mishmash of fantasy and history, with some REALLY interesting worldbuilding, the storyline is super intriguing and has so many interesting things happening , and I love the characters dearly ahhh. And it's very funny, has had me crying with laughter! Plus the sound effects & soundscaping especially are so good at sucking you in, its very impressive. Gameplaywise a thing I appreciate is how the GM is great at setting up a wide variety of challenges for the players besides just combat, like dramatic escapes from caves that all feel suspenseful both dramatically and narratively? It feels really fresh, and honestly even the combat scenes are often also dramatic and exciting. Highly recommend this as a great actual play podcast AND just as a great story!
I never imagined I would care to, and actually look forward to hearing people play an RPG but here I am! Rusty Quill Gaming is awesome! You should definitely check it out!
I love this podcast, okay? It honestly makes me want to DM my own sessions and I’ve spent tons of time working on a story because of this. If I could, I would let Alex DM for me, because he’s hilarious. But the story is great and well done; I love the real history that’s incorporated into it. All the characters are beautiful, even the villains. 💜💜💜
I’ve only ever played 5e but mmmmmm I love this podcast even though I’m constantly thinking with 5e rules and getting confused ajdjsjjshw
What started off, for me, as a way to learn more about pen and paper role playing turned into something that closely resembles least on my part. These performers, these characters, and this story are all executed incredibly well. This is very much an audio book as well as an audio mystery science 3000 about that audio book. I find myself relating to each playable characters, laughing along with them, even more so with their live counterparts, I’ve even teared up. I am only on episode 50 but at episode two I was hooked. I really want to thank this team for creating something unique, professional as well as oddly hilarious, and deep. Alex, fantastic job in creating this world and storyline! Team/Adventurers...great character creation and execution, seriously...loving this podcast!
An absolute delight of a pathfinder game, with players skilled enough at improv to make it feel more like an immersive story most of the time.
I’m not very eloquent, so I'm just going to say: Bertie is a jerk, Sasha is awkward, Hamid is Dramatique™️, Zolf is… Zolf has some anger issues to work through. And I love all of them.
Not much more you could ask for from a podcast!
As a gamer, and podcast enthusiast, I just have to say that this game and cast are a fantastic example of what a proper pathfinder game could be if everyone was clever, hilarious, witty, and able to collaborate on a quality story. So, it's not any average game of Pathfinder you can find, you just have to listen and enjoy.
I listen to TONS of Actual Play RPG's (Glass Cannon Podcast, Sneak Attack!, TAZ, Friends at the Table, Campaign, etc) the D&D, Pathfinder, Edge of Empire, L5R systems. And also listen to tons of Audio-Dramas (Wolf 359, We're Alive, Magnus Archives, Bright Sessions, Archive 81, Our Fair City, Sayer, Tumanbay, etc.). And just want to share that Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast is an absolute BEST OF THE BEST...totally awesome in every way for both actual-play RPG's / audio-drama realm. This quintet of personalities is absolutely infectious. They have fantastic Grade A+ rapport, are clearly all great friends, and IMO find the perfect balance in tone: great blend of seriousness + 100% in character and amazing roleplay, and equally laugh out loud (like, belly laughs) hilariously funny. Even the Character Creation episode before the show itself gets rolling is brilliant and makes you fall in love with their personalities. The GM treats the Pathfinder rules with respect, but also values storytelling, improvisation and character interaction over battle mechanics. Think of it as a fusion of the tone of Glass Cannon + the freedom of Campaign from Star Wars. This is such an underrated podcast and needs more iTunes reviews and support, please take a listen!!! Should be considered one of the best Actual-Plays ever made!!!
...through shadows, this podcast has helped me get through a good solid two weeks of work with laughter, imagination, and insights that I as both a gamer and writer appreciate. This podcast is funny and more importantly, Fun. Alex and the crew should do this podcast forever, or all shall be dooooooom.
Was looking for actual play for ToC, and stumbled on this as one of the few options. I was very excited, as I love the King in Yellow lore. The shrill character voice of one of the female characters made it a jarring and unlistenable experience. I appreciate what the cast is doing, and don't want to discredit them so I will still leave an encouraging rating. Just please consider how you represent your characters in an audio medium. I'm sure you thought you were being funny and interesting, but it was like nails on a chalkboard every time you spoke, making it impossible to focus on your story. Hope to hear more ToC episodes from you in the future.
I can't believe how much I love this podcast, and everyone involved in it. Confession: I've never played a tabletop RPG. In fact, I only found this because I stumbled across The Magnus Archive, another Rusty Quill production which I highly recommend. Yet despite my complete lack of experience with the game being played, i have become enamored of this adventure-by-proxy. And of Brutor... mostly Brutor. It is hilarious, featuring a wonderful cast of players. It is informative- even if you know nothing, Alex and Ben and everyone, really, help to explain the game and the mechanics without being dry or didactic or taking away from the adventure. And it makes you feel like you are a part of this group. I love it almost as much as Bertie loves himself.
Love this show,look forward to it every week!
I started listening to the Magnus Archives first, but decided to give Rusty Quill's gaming podcast a listen recently. It quickly leapt onto my list of favorite actual play podcasts, where I predict it shall remain.
Really enjoying this podcast! There's an engaging storyline with a good bit of humor and an interesting backdrop where trains are powered by lightning elementals. The GM is great about slowing down and explaining rules where they matter without getting bogged down.
If you play any sort of tabletop game that focuses on the story and the characters more than the combat, then this is a Must Listen To. The Rusty Quill crew are the perfect example of how to make a story interesting, involving, and passionate. You can tell that they enjoy what they do, and that they care about this podcast. The audio quality is above any other podcast, amatuer & professional, that I have ever heard. The episodes that are how-to's and guides on making & playing characters are extremely useful. I cannot recommend Rusty Quill enough.
this show is FANTASTIC love it. love everything about it. wish it came out more often so i could listen to it more!
The title explains nothing to you now, but as you begin and get deeper within the podcast, you will fall in love with all of the characters, from the awkward rogue(that I usually use to make a "Face" character) to the royal gentry Barbarian, to the Cleric of Poseidon. As a person that plays Pathfinder, and DM's it, I can tell when the DM lightly fudges the rules, and as any good DM knows, sometimes you have to fudge the rules to make the game playable and enjoyable. If you are a stickler for the rules, turn away now and find the paizo materials and just play a game with some friends yourself. The roleplay, which I touched on lightly, Is phenomenal and fun. I am midway only in the podcast admittedly, but after rating the magnus archive, I have to come and rate this before continuing to listen. I miss Bertie and his brash comedic presence right now, but if new players will pop in and out, I am certain that they will probably fill this dog and barbarian shaped hole in my heart. It is clean too, so you need not worry over swearing or sharing it with younger friends and children as you stalk the playgrounds! Enjoy the podcast, listen to it, and wait with anticipation for more!


Great cast, great humor and storytelling, great roleplaying! Wonderful!
A surprisingly high production value roleplaying podcast - an excellent introduction to the Pathfinder system, but still engaging even if you're already an expert. The characters are well-defined and the players always have a good time. Good stuff! I don't get to run games as often as I'd like and this tides me over quite well between sessions.


Pathfinder... Yes Please!
This podcast is supremely entertaining. Great RP. Great fun! Love how easily you keep your game/story moving! —The Indoorsmen
I've been searching for a long time for a good sound quality, funny real podcast. Most out there sound like a bunch of teenagers sitting around an iPhone yelling racist and sexist things. THIS podcast is not one of those and has found a place in my heart and podcast queue. Fun play, delightful characters, and accents that make me giggle even when there aren't jokes going on. Also, the Halloween episode was amazing, well worth a listen even if you don't enjoy fantasy role play.
A new favorite. Well balanced between game play, storytelling and gaming science. Fantastic sound quality surely beats all the terrible "mic on the table" podcasts. Delighted to make your acquaintance
This is perhaps one of the best table-top podcasts I’ve heard. The cast is great, the humor and story flow really well and very organically, and it is a pretty darn good primer on the Pathfinder gaming system. It is wonderfully geeky but the story and humor could easily be enjoyed by someone with no interest in table-top games. 10/10. Would recommend.