Reviews For Group Answers Podcast with Chris Surratt and Brian Daniel

Great information for group leaders and church staff.
Love the content being put out on this podcast. The episodes help group leaders navigate through everything you need to know on running a successful small group ministry.
Hey guys - I heard about this podcast on the Thom Rainer podcast and wanted to check it out. I’ve listened to two episodes so far, good content once you get to the point. I say that in a nice way... A little too much unrelated conversation before the actual content. Thanks for taking time to share helpful resources for group leaders.
I sit down every week with pen and paper and take notes from what you guys are teaching. Thanks for investing in men like me. You’re truly a mentor.
I really like the format and appreciate that it is great for anyone interested in small groups or discipleship.
I love the idea of a groups podcast, and there are some great topics presented. I would recommend cutting them down to 15-20 minutes. Something I can digest in a shorter commute.