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words cant describe the mess that this mess is.
Michael is the okayest podcast host ever. Harper might be my father and doc is a white guy. Good show.
a tough listen as the multiple hosts back and forth banter came across as simple juvenile stupidity. if the one show i listened to ever got good, i didnt hear it as i physically checked out after 51 minutes. nothing of note that makes me want to return.


By Crsz1
I love these shows. I’m a loyal soldier in the BBT army. I love the interaction between Mike, Doc, and Harper. Best parts of my week.
...spoiled by the quality shows Conrad puts out every day and then i stumble onto stuff like this. it has no merit. substandard content. i guess it appeals to certain demographics though.
Yikes...just awful
Best time of my week. Thanks for making my job doable!
No one does old school wrestling better than these guys. The NWA show is fantastic! The SMW shows are as well and then as a patreon of BTT I get a load of extra greatness throughout the month! They are the purveyors of fine filth and if they offend you then you need a sense of humor! Keep up the filth you filthy animals!
Great show!! Mike, Harper and Doc have great knowledge on Smoky Mountain and NWA rasslin!! Become a doc-aholic today and join them on Patreon, it's worth it!
Long time listener to Doc, Mike, Harper and Lance. This podcast covers a ton of ground from Dallas to the Smokey Mountains and The NWA/JCP promotions. Always good takes on the product and they make a point to highlight all the stuff that we all popped on as kids when we saw these shows live or on TV. In my opinion it’s the best wrestling podcast out there today.
Love it ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
This is one of the best podcasts I have ever heard. The commentary and insight is top notch. Another great show on the Arcadian Vanguard network!!!!
Unprofessional wrestling podcast the way we remember it, and the way we like it. I hope anyone who left less than a 5 star review chokes on their Spam.
Love this show, I’ve been a faithful listener for 2 years and highly recommend this show. Just waiting for a little Latrell run in
Great podcast! Guys are so entertaining and reminds you how good wrestling was back in the day. Keep up the good work guys
This is the greatest podcast out there. Doc is the straw that stirs the drink.
These dudes are the best on old school wrestling.
True Class.
Man I love this show and Harper is KING!!Doc I love me some shiner bock beer too brutha... and mike keep up the hard work man!! I’m fista chunk y’all 2 dollars and get the good stuff soon
Love that this isn’t a run of the mill work of a podcast. You three have great chemistry and make me laugh quite a bit. Thanks guys
Keep up the great work guys, awesome
Mike, Doc, and Hard Body Harper all bring different styles and perspectives while breaking down old school 80’s and 90’s wrestling. I especially like the Smoky Mountain episodes but all are great. The commentary is hilarious however it is obvious they love and respect wrestling as much as the most serious of fans. Mike also gets some great interviews with past stars in the “Wrestling Ecosystem”.
These guys don’t usually have big names on their show because they don’t need them. They have an original concept and aren’t trying to be like anyone else. A must listen for any classic wrestling fan.
Great show! One of my favorites while walking the dog-the type of wrestling i loved as a kid, and lots of great behind the scenes stuff. Always funny, always entertaining


There’s a saying - do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, I suspect that Mike, Doc, and Harper work hard on this show, but nonetheless, they clearly enjoy it. While most podcasts are espousing theory after theory about why Roman Reigns is unpopular, this fantastic trio is reliving unforgettable eras and exciting territories. They’ve given props to angles long forgotten to time and the sad corporate expansion of wrestling. They’re a bit crude, but that just adds to their appeal...definitely a five star podcast.
I’ve been a listener of BTT since shortly after it launched, and I’ll stay a listener until the end of time. Mike, Doc and Harper are hilarious together, and the old school reviews and thoughts about “how it used to be” are the best!
Good lord, this was dreadful. I tried to get passed the talk ejaculate, but it never got any better when talk turned to “pulling out”. If you’re 13, or still try to be, this might be the podcast for you. The wrestling talk may have been fine, but I couldn’t get passed the dreck to find out.
Just when you think a podcast couldn’t get any more unprofessional, these guys take it to a new level. Mike does his best to maintain order. Doc subverts him at every chance. Harper ... well just about the time you're convinced Harper rode the short bus to school, he drops the funniest line you’ve heard all week. Highly Recommended for classic southern rasslin’ fans.
Hooked from the minute I started listening. Doc tells it like it is, Harper is hilarious and Mike (Menace) is a great host. Would love to see where this goes next once NWA and SMW revIews run its course, perhaps Mid-Atlantic and AWA? Great work guys. Iron Sheehy
Great podcast keep up the good work
Love the show, love the clips. Great work guys!!
Great podcast for classic wrestling from a group of guys who tell it like it is and are not scared to be the most unprofessional wrestling podcast. Become a patron member to go beyond wrestling and hear them talk about broad logic and random banter.
Not a better podcast out there for fans of real wrasslin. It’s the audio version of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but much better thanks to Southern wrestling as basis of commentary and the hilarious team with Doc, Harper and Mike. Time to become Hall of Fame Member....
BTT is the best rasslin’ podcast available today! Mike, Doc, and Harper NEVER fail to pop me with their takes on the outrageousness of classic rasslin’.
.These podcasts are the bomb, I look forward to them each weekend!
Far and away the most entertaining podcast I listen to. Not only do they cover the best topic of all time ... old school southern wrasslin ... but these three know how to keep it real classy. More than any other podcast, wrestling based or not, this podcast really feels like good buddies passionately talking about their favorite sport. This podcast is at the top of my must listen to each and every week. Called “The Most Unprofessional Professional Podcast” for a reason these guys do not hold back. Not only do I get to relive some of my favorite memories watching wrestling growing up I get to laugh along with these guys at the same time. All I can ask is that these boys continue to be a blessing to the podcast world.
This podcast come in and strikes like white lightning Boom!
Dope podcast,listening from Hollywood! Both shows are awesome, but I would say I dig the #SmokyMountainRasslinShow a lil better!
If you enjoyed old school wrestling and don't mind an "unprofessional" setting, this is the show for you. Great combo of wrestling knowledge, audio clips from old wrestling shows, interviews with wrestling legends and comedy. These guys are great.
This is the BEST EVER Unprofessional Podcast that is out there. Mike Mills, Doc Turner and Hard Body Harper will keep you in stitches as they entertain you with their knowledge of 80’s and 90’s Southern pro wrestling. Not for the faint of heart.


By jph4499
These guys are great and enjoying the old JCP days from my youth and the SMW territory that I never knew existed.
I’m not giving this podcast a five star rating just because I have been a guest on the show. I have been listening to the Smoky Mountain Wrestling recap for several months. It’s great entertainment! Talking about one of the best time of my life, working for Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
The BTT Podcast is one of the most consistent podcast out there that reviews the classic wrestling territories of Crockett, WCCW, and SMW that so many of us love. Just a fun show that makes you feel like you are hanging out with friends talking wrestling. Continue the great work Mike, Harper, and Doc.
Typical crappy wrestling podcast with vanilla hosts making pathetic attempts at humor.
This is the podcast for the old school fan. Growing up in NC it brings back a lot of memories
This show keeps getting better. Some of the best comedy in podcasting.
Not for everybody, the relationship between the hosts is the real highlight. Great fun talking about some of the best wrestling ever.
Smoky Mountain Rassl'n is the best and this podcast is the perfect 'wrap up show' for each episode. Watch along and then listen and learn!
Six stars. The only 'rasslin podcast that matters, pal. Old tyme podcasting the way it used to be and the way I like it.