Reviews For A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Absolutely love this show. It covers every aspect of blowing glass; technique, sales, marketing as well the emotional and personal aspects of who we are as artists. Keep up the great work Jason!
I’ve been listening for about a year now, ever since I bought my first torch. Jason has got it going on with this show. Endless amounts of information about the industry, it’s players, and even some secrets. I’ve never really listened to podcast but Wyzguy I listen to all the time even to previous episodes while on he torch because it’s a huge encouragement and motivation to hear the struggles of not only the big names but other smaller guys and how they make it work. Glass is not easy but it’s a passion that I made major life changes to learn and make it work no matter the cost. Wyzguy Radio has been a huge help to making it and slowly but surely I am! Thanks Jason Michael for this podcast! Keep it up, treat it like glass and not stop!
An amazing resource filled with information for the glass community. Awesome interviews and conversations with awesome people! Keep up the good work!!
Listening to this show has inspired me to not only start blowing glass in the first place, but continues to do so every time another artist comes on to talk about their history in glass and how this young industry came about! In a time of instant gratification and the like, it's vital to hear from the professionals and industry role models to know the important things like studio setup, marketing, pacing yourself, taking classes... basically all the stuff that is everything surrounding the actual glass in the flame, because as i've learned, that's only a fraction of what it takes to work in this amazing medium! I would recomend The Wyzguy Radio show to any aspiring lampworker, glass enthusiest, and especially pipemaker!
I haven't been listening for long. When I started, it was because scoz was on it. And after that one I was hooked, u have a very good voice for podcasting. Really love hearing from the artist them selfs. Really cool to hear how they grew and evolved over the years. Keep up the good work, love each one.🤘🏻☺️
I really enjoy this show. It's not without its minor flaws, but it's great to listen to while on the torch. Keep up the good work, Jason!
I have been Listening to Jay's podcast for well over a year now and it is hands down the best lampworking podcast out there. Not only does he have great artist interviews, but he also shares about his life, struggles, fitness, and general well being. i consistantly look forward to each episode.
Great work! Thanks for creating a podcast on the scene we're apart of. Just discovered it this morning and I'm hooked! Super inspirational and has me laughing out loud. If you blow glass or are interested in the culture this is definitely the one for you! Back to work. - Caleb
This is my favorite podcast!!! I never miss an episode. Do yourself a favor, hit subscribe, & "Download All".
I love listening to this podcast as a growing glass artist as it provides so much insight into the industry and what it really takes to get your art out there. Without the guests sharing their stories of coming up in the industry I would be struggling trying to figure out some of the minutia of successfully selling my work.
So happy to find a glass blowers pod cast! Been mostly production for 16 years and just can't believe the growth of the industry! It's fantastic to hear from others of how they keep the torch burning and the ideas popping! Appreciate the fun quiz at the end of artists favorite colors and tools. Thnx for giving me a chance to hear your torch burn
Man I'm so stoked this is being done! our community is in desperate need of voices like Jason's being broadcast. Def one of my favs to binge listen too!! The Mike Souza and Micha interviews were brilliant!!
I try to listen every opportunity I get. It's really awesome getting to hear these experience artists talk, definitely shows there is more than melting glass to the art and the culture :)
This is such a great show with amazing guest. It teaches me about things that I wouldn't have any other way of receiving the info. This art has had a iron curtain policy for a long time, and with this show and a few other sources, it seems to be opening up.
Literally the best podcast in glass education if you haven't heard of this before you've been missing out, my personal favorite is the Mike Souza episode
This is an awesome source for lampworking info ranging from management to the arts. I have enjoyed listening to every episode. Thanks for your work!
Doesn't matter if you blow glass or just follow the top dogs in the industry, this podcast is awesome. I've followed the glass game through social media for years but never really knew the guys until I started listening to this. I personally just started blowing glass and it's a very tricky medium, listening to these amazing artist talk about there origins is so inspiring. Jason Michael is super down to earth and really provides you with so much useful info if your thinking about going this direction. Definitely worth checking out!
Was wishing for a glassblowing podcast to exist when up pops J. Michael with an awesome artist focused podcast! He offers some great advice on the business side of things as well as great interviews with some top names in the industry.
As a new glass artist I'm really excited to see what these guys cover, I've listened to the first 4 episodes continuously and will be binge listening over the next day or two until I run out.
This person really knows his stuff and what he is doing! Good insights and great topics you have here for us, not to mention a very great concept.
If you're into glass, this is the podcast for you--I haven't found another with this kind of content! The information is just what I'm looking for and its a pleasure to listen to. Keep the episodes coming!
Great podcast for artisans! Very interesting. You'll hear really cool stories.
Jim produces a great job and educates in an entertaining way.
This is a quality podcast that steps outside the box from the norm. There are a lot of people out there showing lampworkers how to work the glass and such; but J.Michael covers the ins and outs of running a productive business. Likewise there are a lot of shows out there teaching business owners how to run a business but the WYZ GUY Radio Show is the only one tailered to the glass community. Love the show! Like a fein, I check for a new episode every day.... Thanks WYZ GUY!
Thank you for putting this together. The functional borosilicate community can only benefit from knowing more, and knowing each other better.
A complete resource for industry building information. So much useful information delivered with humility and humour. Thanks for a great show!
I am loving this podcast. As a co-owner of a glass company (but not a glassblower) I have learned a ton already. I love hearing how other artists run their shops. I like Jason’s tips on yoga, massage, setting systems, etc. This is great information for everyone. Jason is truly opening up his life for the better of the glass community. It’s risky-and it’s good. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Too few people talk about creating a lifestyle and are just slaves to their work. You can be an artist, business owner, etc. and have a family life, be at your kid’s soccer games, eat dinner at home, make time for mediation, reading, vacations, exercise - and be successful. Together we can change the paradigm and the definition of success.
As someone fascinated by the art/glass industries, this podcast gives some information and insight only gained by being around an experienced glassblower. Ive never been behind a torch but I've never felt the fire of desire more present than when listening to this podcast!
This show has been so helpful and entertaining. I can't wait to see what you do with it in the future!
This show is awesome for the glass community, can't thank you enough!
I really enjoy learning about new things, and had not thought about all that goes into glass. What a great insite into the passion, artistry and business of this medium. Worth the listen to expand your world.
From the perspective of a collector and admirer of glass and great artist, this show has it all. I am learning and gaining perspective on what is making this industry tick and boom. Cannot wait to hear how Jason and the show grow and evolve.
I'm so excited. Real artisans with actual feelings about their craft. I <3 it!
This show is exactly what the glass industry and the art world need right now. Jason is getting to the core of what we are facing as the the glass industry is blowing up. I highly recommend you take advantage of the awesome material here. Only a few episodes in and I have gained insight that will change the way I do business for sure.
It's so nice to have a down to earth and incredibly informative podcast. This show has huge potential and I look forward to every new episode! Congrats!!! Subscribe you won't be disappointed!
This is a huge advancement for our scene! It allows for so much from share of knowledge and passion, to talking about hot topics and product placement. It allows you to connect with everyone with your voice rather some Facebook post amongst a hundred random others. It's a direct line from the artist to you! Everyone from fan and collectors to shop owners and fellow glass blowers all can tune in and connect. It's just a whole new line for us to travel!
Great show. Packed full of value bombs!!!
Very insightful and humorous. J Michael and Rashan Jones have a lot to say about the aspects of running a business and being an Artist. They have a fun way at looking at the creativity of children and how it can influence the way artists approach a task. A GOOD START TO AN INTERESTING TOPIC. Can't for more to come ...