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Reviews For Soul Evolution Center Show

Don't miss the opportunity to be inspired with each and every podcast. It is obvious that these are born from the heart of someone who is deeply connected and guided. Each word is spoken with a clear intent to strike a chord within the listener. I am "splendidly inspired" by Katy's beautiful offerings and have seen their loving intent already bear fruit!!!
Katy is amazing , I loved this meditation. I have also had Reiki healings and readings wit Katy. Everything she does is with integrity and trust! She is the best!
Wow! I've listened to them all and have subscribed for future podcasts. Katy shares her amazing experiences is simple, easy to understand terms and the meditations are extremely helpful. Thanks for making this available to everyone!
I know Katy personally, and she is really, truly the real thing. She is very attuned to her purpose and passion in life, and therefore is an excellent channeler and indeed, life adviser. Her insight and connection to the universe is beautiful and deep.
Katy does a splendid job and I am so inspired by her and her gift.
I loved everything about it. Its more that just a typical meditation, where you need the individual to lead you through it, Katy provides the tool, in having the meditation written out, so that you can remember it and take yourself through it at any point in time. I especially loved the affirmations which can be spoken at any time you feel a specific chakra is not in alignment. Thank you.
A wonderful delivery system of information for metaphysical & spiritual knowledge. I love listening to the replays! That has been very helpful for me.