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I don’t doubt there is good information but I can barely hear with it my device and stereo turned all the way up when on the freeway!! Every other podcast I listen to is equalized to the same output dB, please ask around the industry and figure out what setting you guys needs to use. Swear I’ll switch my rating to 5 once that happens.
This is one of my favorite podcasts and I look forward to its release every week. The hosts are both great, they work well together and bring a lot of great insights for the listeners. My only complaint, which is annoying enough to rate 3 stars, is that the volume on this is SIGNIFICANTLY quieter than pretty much all other podcasts. It’s annoying to miss the first few words because the volume was set to normal instead of max. Then, when the next podcast comes on it feels like it’s screaming at me when I forgot to drop the volume back down to normal.
Hosts are great and very good baseball content. Like others have said, it is frustrating to have to turn it up to max volume just to bring it to a normal level.
Love this...look forward to it every week. But why is the audio so low?
Awesome podcast but the audio is so bad
Great info and great tidbits, but the song quality is absolutely terrible. I don’t understand how it’s so bad. Does MLB not pay for quality mics? Mike talks so loud while I can barely hear Matt. I had to unsubscribe because it’s just not worth it. Please fix it so I can come back.
I’ve listened to many stats-based baseball podcasts and am thrilled I found this one. The information is great and the two hosts are entertaining. I’ve stopped listening to other podcasts because the hosts had way too many inside jokes and bored the hell out of me. These guys make it work. Take a listen.
The two hosts break down weekly happenings around MLB from an analytical perspective. They always offer interesting insights on various players and teams. Highly recommend for any baseball fans looking for an intelligent and entertaining podcast.
Mike Petriello knows how to make the most of baseball’s most compelling data.
Great baseball podcast. Very informative.
I host a baseball podcast. Unfortunately, Statcast Podcast is already the best baseball podcast there is, so the rest of us are just jockeying for second.
I highly recommend this podcast because of the information, stats and discussion of baseballs newest metrics. Love the new data always being analyzed and interpreted. Download and listen. I really wish there were TWO or THREE podcasts a week!!!!! Love the new intro music.
If you know nothing about advanced stats, you just want to know more about baseball, give it five episodes. You will learn a lot and won’t be beating your head against the counter.
“Let’s get weird.” Love it! I’ve been listening to this pod for a while, but now I’m officially hooked!
Love listening to this every week. Y’all really need to speak with the commissioner and see about hosting a live MLB game with all Statcast and analytics and advanced metrics. Like yalls website you could do play by play with all your info from the site.
Please don’t stop doing this, the info is great and there are few stat heavy pods. I need this to keep me in the loop.
I enjoy the info. Relevant stuff helpful in both DFS and season long fantasy leagues. But man lay off the coffee or monster before the show. Sometimes the hosts talk so fast it’s hard to follow what they are saying. This makes following all these new stats (and frankly a new language) the show is trying to endorse even harder to follow. SLOW DOWN FELLAS!


By N_A_K
Absolutely essential
Petriello is good, but Myers struggles to speak smoothly. Needs to replace Myers.
This is liked my favorite baseball podcast where stats are discussed. It is fast moving, pertinent and informative. Highly recommend!
As someone who is just getting into analytics I look forward to the new episodes each week! Very interesting!
Such a good podcast. I want more but I know the info y'all put into the show must take a lot of time to put together.
This podcast is very interesting and stimulating the entire half hour, always leaving me wanting more. Other fantasy baseball podcasts can make recommendations and offer opinions, often at a slow meandering tempo. Statcast Podcast always gives you an interesting breakdown of a variety of what many baseball fans love, the stat.
Great podcast that covers advanced stats and Statcast data that isn't really found anywhere else. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite listens. For a short, 25 minute podcast, they are lacking a bit in total episodes. Petriello talks fast enough where, if he just slowed his speech down to normal human levels, they could get another 10 minutes added on to each podcast.
5 stars. Cutting edge tech drives intelligent and entertaining discourse. Mike & Matt are top-notch. An essential listen for the baseball fan.
At the beginning of baseball season, I listen to lots of my team’s podcasts, but quickly tire of the rambling, chuckling, often inane content that tends to fill more than half of a block that’s too long anyway. Statcast Podcast is concise, for the time-challenged, and Mike is very upbeat, engaging and seems very interested in what he’s talking about, unlike some of the team podcasts in which the hosts are so languid that they seem bored with the whole thing. I STILL believe that Mike is actually a dear, old college friend of mine, operating under a pseudonym, but I won’t out him…at least not today.
Engaging, to the point and always interesting. If you have any interest in baseball or sabermetrics you should listen.
I'm kinda behind on all of the new stats that seem to be taking over baseball but by listening to this podcast I feel like I'm catching up. Super interesting, worth your time. Go Pads.
Would be better if they provided more explanation of the stats and where to find them.