Mel is funny, entertaining, and informative! Really enjoying his podcasts!! So are Robert and Tom!
I love listening to Mel on Elon Daily and the “boys” on the big show and patreon show. I ❤️ all things Tesla. Fun and informative shows. As long as you keep talking I will keep listening!! Appreciate the time y’all spend on this. PS: was in a total funk when y’all took a “break”....please don’t do that again! Pam in AZ. Happy/proud/joyous owner of 2017 red multicoat Model S 75d named Lightning.
Dig this! Fun and informative. More importantly I have a question, love electric and solar and know you have power walls and solar panels and cars. I want to know how you figured out your ROI on the purchase of the solar systems? It’s not a cheap endeavor so I want to know how you started figuring it out. Keep on entertaining and teaching at the same time. -Cooper
I have been listening to this show since they started and cannot stop. They are so fun to listen to especially when Tom and Mel go on rants together. They are the best group of podcasters I know. Elon daily, part of the Talking Tesla network, is also very fun especially when Mel throws something completely random in like an ABBA song. Great stuff!
Delayed release equals old news on a company that is ever changing and half behind a pay wall. Moving on to other Tesla shows.
This is seriously my favorite podcast... been a Tesla shareholder for a while now, and will soon have a brand new shiny Model X (FINALLY)! This show has been entertaining, informative, and has helped pass the time on long road trips. Love the guys, and hope it never ends! Thanks!
Please separate the daily Talking Tesla from your full blown Talking Tesla. I love your weekly show but am less than enthused with the daily program. Even the opening grates on my nerves!
Love the podcast -- especially for all of the environmental insight. Hoping to add solar to our house as soon as our Model 3 is paid for.
Fun and lighthearted look at all things Tesla presented with a great sense of humor. (But I do miss the old "Heyyyyy ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls" into to the daily edition.)
Zero stars. Climate change propaganda and Tesla fanboy baloney. Very little useful info for the Tesla owner.
Driving my Model 3 and listening to Talking Tesla makes me feel so Meta. The content is great, too. Love this show for the info and laughs, and I support it on Patreon.
My son says to me, "Dad, you've got to listen to Mel's podcast from Thursday, May 23, 2019." Yes, I look forward to listening to Talking Tesla" everyday, but must have missed this one. Mel wants to start a movement to get gardeners and landscapers to use battery-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers. What an absolutely great idea. The home owner buys the equipment and lets the landscaper use it when they show up to do the lawn. Or if you can afford it, you can go one better to let the landscaper use the equipment ALL the time, so they don't have to inhale the pollution and particulates. This is just one example of Mel's passion for renewable energy and making the world a better place using solar panels, driving electric cars, and being generous to others. In listening to "Elon Daily" which is the daily part of Talking Tesla, you'll get to hear the latest news of Tesla, SpaceX, and other EV news. It's an excellent way to keep up with the "Electric revolution."
Great up to date info. The hosts are fun and have great rapport. Mel is really good about being super enthusiastic about Tesla while still pointing out ways they could do better and be perceived better. He really wants them to succeed.
I usually have no time for podcast but I love this one. Lots of real information from real users. I have not bought a Tesla yet up will do in the future.
Clams to support Tesla, but spends most of the time complaining about Tesla.
This is the daily I’ve been waiting for. Well informed and to the point. Mel gets it done with excitement, enthusiasm and without the BS. The long show is good if you like the banter, but I like it short and sweet.
Vital listening for all Tesla owners and or fans. Cheers!
Love the big show and the daily that is Elon. Keep up the good work! Mel- don’t change any of the Aussie quirks!!
Great entertaining show over EV, energy, and sometimes crushing cars. I'd recommend this to anyone intersted in moving to a renewable energy source, but who doesn't want to listen to something super serious. My manbearpig take on this show, half Tesla, half supercharger rant, half angry Tom. But seriously, great fun, and usually compelling arguments.
These guys are funny and often know what they’re talking about surely make the steaks but they seem to research things they are talking about better than most podcasts where they just just talk about what they think is happening
These guys have grown on me over the past year. A fun hour or two to spend while driving (your Tesla!) or commuting. Love it!
I am a Tesla owner, but not a big 'car person'. I'm honestly surprised at how much I enjoy this podcast. Lots of up-to-date information, told in a fun way.
If you care about the environment, are interested in technology, or just like entertaining discussions about those and other topics involving Tesla, then this podcast is for you
Always fun, sometimes informative :D
This show is informative and entertaining, while not taking itself too seriously. The hosts cover a plethora of topics with great enthusiasm.
Even if you're not that into Tesla, these guys have a good chemistry going.
What these guys offer is a complete approach not just about Tesla but about sustainability and mobility disruption that is happening in our world. The hosts Mel - a doctor, Tom - a former Barbie Model photog and Robert - an ER doc present a long form show of laughs, opinion and information about the state of electric transport. Hands down the best EV related podcast. Don’t be fooled by imitators.
Glad the boys are back!!!!
Love this podcast, keeps me in the know 🤓
Talking Tesla is by far my favorite podcast. So glad you guys are coming back!!
Bring back the podcast! What made this podcast was the hosts. It could have been about any subject - the Tesla part isn’t what made it great. It was the hosts. I do wish they reconsider making more. It quite odd that it suddenly stopped. I don’t believe for a second any of the reasons stated in the last episode. Robert clearly wasn’t expecting it to end on the episode prior. You don’t build a campaign to crush a car and stop making the podcast prior to the crushing. Clearly, something else occurred which caused the ending of the podcast. At least tell us why.
Mel and Tom both make this a very enjoyable podcast to listen. It's easy listening (not in-depth reporting) like an intellectual morning radio show for Tesla lovers. But there's a real problem with Robert. He's perhaps the brightest of the three, but he so slavishly defends Tesla's company line, that I seriously wonder if he's on payroll. If not, he's starting to sound like a North Korean who's replaced Kim Jong Un with Elon Musk. I've thought this for over a year (Yes, I listen. I enjoy Mel and Tom.) but it wasn't till the last episode that I decided to write this. Tom and Robert reviewed an article that referred to pro-Tesla commenters as "whores". Tom pushed back, saying that he is often very critical of Tesla. Tom told the truth. Robert also expressed shock, denying the charge. Robert lied. And to prove his own lie, just a few minutes later, Robert gives a detailed account of SpaceX's Zuma mission. He concludes by saying that the mission was a success. Google Zuma mission. See for yourself. Robert, you're a physician. As am I. You dry labbed this. You obviously recorded this before you even knew the facts. (Alternate facts. Trump would be proud.) In other words, you lied. Your sycophantic zeal to say good things about Elon blinds you to obvious truth. This is only the latest of many instances, but I'm finally calling you out.. Robert, you should resign from the show and issue an apology. Tom, you're great. You can handle this on your own. Mel, I deeply admire the cause for your sabbatical. I wish you well, but hope you can find a way to continue with Tom. Tom and Mel, your associate Robert is extremely bright and a wealth of knowledge about issues I care deeply. Perhaps you could use him as an off-air contributor to help you with filling show content. But you'll need to filter him. Get him off your fine podcast.
A podcast by actual Tesla owners and enthusiasts that covers mostly Tesla but all things Elon Musk. Much better than the dry boring other podcasts out there. Hilarious and informative.
Love the dynamics between everyone. Informative, fun and light hearted. They asked us to leave a review if we couldn’t support on Patreon. Just trying to do my part. If you like Tesla, give this podcast a shot!
I am subscribed to about 10 podcasts, but have gone through about 30 subscriptions. These guys are my favorite. It's genuine, funny, and informative. I wish they did 2 a week honestly, but I will enjoy the 1 I get a week.
Very strong falcon wing door bias
A fun upbeat weekly show about Tesla and SpaceX.
These guys make me laugh out loud every episode, while I am learning more about one of my favorite topics...the Scottish accent!
I hung in for 5 episodes, but the signal to noise ratio is too low. Lots of inane banter that quickly becomes annoying.
Love love love these guys!!! I’m definitely a Talking Tesla Fan Girl ✌🏾🙌🏾
Normally, listening to a couple of lay men talking endlessly about something they don’t really understand would be very low on my list of things to do. The guys however are different. Yes, there is an awful lot of waffle and banter but there is also a lot of information that is brought to the listener from many sources. The Talking Tesla team do a great job of keeping us informed about the EV industry with particular focus on Tesla of course but also add in everything to do with alternate energy and SpaceX. I see a lot of comments about political bias but with the current administration trying to drive us into the dark ages any discussion about climate change, alternative energy and progress in general cannot avoid it. Today’s politics is diametrically opposed to the core subject that is this show.
I enjoy the show the guys seem to have fun with it. Good place to get Tesla and space X news. It does run a little long sometimes.
I have been listening to Talking Tesla for about a year and a half and I have to say it is my favorite weekly podcast. If you are interested in Tesla and Electric Vehicles (EV) in general, and looking for an entertaining and useful podcast, this is the one. The guys put together a nice show that covers a wide variety of Tesla, SpaceX and Green Energy information. Highly reccomend!
This podcast has gone downhill of late. It is informative but Mel is just simply too juvenile to take seriously. Robert is the ultimate Tesla fanboy and falls for every trick that Elon throws out there without any thought. Thank God Tom is there to keep him in check. For example Robert parrots the line from Elon that Tesla doesn't try to make money off of service. Well they charge $50 for a snow tire change over while my local tire store does it for $25. Sounds like someone is trying to make money.
Mel and Robert are both doctors who live in a world most could only dream of, where money is in no short supply and they can blow it on whatever trendy expensive toy they want, for whatever reason they want. Robert is particular couldn't check his privilege to save his life. They regularly buy $100K+ cars because they aren't content with the $100K+ car they bought last year. Mel is well beyond the point of installing solar panels and batteries to lower his energy bill. At this point, I'm fairly certain he has more solar panels than are necessary to product all the power to cover the world's needs, and he's now increasing his carbon footprint through the manufacturing of all these solar panels that provide power that nobody needs. Remember that entitled jerk in high school who drove a new Mercedes to school? Mel is their enabling father. Having said that, Robert knows a lot of Tesla Trivia Trash (Jeopardy term which probably applies to itself, look it up.) Mel's smartest move was starting this podcast and bringing his friend Tom onboard. Tom is quite a bit down to earth and understands what life for ordinary people is like. Tom doesn't buy new $100K cars ever - he has bought them years later used when they cost half as much, and it still stretched his budget. He easily has the most common sense, and while he doesn't know as much trivia as Robert, he's easily the smartest one on the show.
Relatively recent find for me as I ramp up to getting my new Model 3. Must listen "radio". Funny, serious, sarcastic, and just pure Teslawsomeness!! So good I gotta binge listen to the whole lot after coming on board at episode 90!
This podcast has three knuckle heads that talk about Tesla, Space X, Green Energy and the rest of the EV movement that is sweeping California and the rest of the world is trying to keep up. Great podcast if you like Tesla.
Great for your daily morning updates. Keep up the good work!
These guys are great at giving updates on all things electric. They provide interesting stories having to do with Tesla as well as renewable energy. I enjoy listening to their opinions and stories about their Tesla stories. It's great for all of us that can't afford/get a Tesla yet but want some insight into the community.