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Reviews For eBook Revolution!

Excellent show on writing, and the writer's life in our current state of eBooks, social media, and blogging. Excellent conversations and helpful advice.
Going through writing and (self-) publishing a book is a long, laborious, stressful, often lonely experience. This podcast is such a great tool and motivator in that process. -Josh from Our Americana
I have listened to the latest episode, why blogging is important to writers? We, the writers, really have to have a unique platform, our identity as a writer. And for social media has a great impact on our day to day living, blogging is one of those platforms. I agree with all the information I get from this podcast. It is very essential and very helpful! Great job, Geoff!
This is a needed show because he’s willing to talk about the things that no one wants to discuss- the grind, the hard work and marketing. All essential to building and growing your writing success. Well done.
Thanks for real advice and actionable steps for success in creating and selling a quality ebook!
Great podcast with valuable content! I enjoyed the tips about ebooks and blogging for writers. Can’t wait to listen to more!
This is a good interview based podcast for writers. If you're an author, give it a listen for some tips and inspiration from other successful writers.
I just caught this podcast as I started another ebook. It made that process more pleasurable and viable to make money. Keep rockin out the great work!
Wonderfully handy podcast! Love shows that encourage producing rather than consuming content.
Geoff thanks for this podcast. I see how it is going to fill a gap. As someone who want to expand my writing, your show will be very helpful. As a host of The Midlife Launch Podcast, writing is something I have to do often as I do show notes. Thanks for these episodes so far. @kingsleygrant
Looking to write your own ebook. Grab a pen and paper because this podcast is packed with value and actionable tips.
Ebooks are a great way to get material into the marketplace quickly. This is a great show that answers questions about how to put that together. Great job!!
As a writer, I find a TON of value in this podcast! It's given me whole new ways to think about getting my work out there!
Making an ebook is super interesting to me. It’s nice to have a podcast that addresses doing this with some practical tips on execution. Keep it up!
This is a great podcast teaching you how to write a book, have it be a success and use your writing to increase your following, bank account, and influence.