Reviews For Bruce Wayne's World: A Batman Universe Podcast

I listen to a lot of podcast headlined by famous people and this podcast remains my favorite because the opinions on films and television and comics is real unlike shows like fatman on Batman which have became so bland. Also been relistening from the beginning and wow nick was just awful. Need to make some new episodes ASAP.
I like BATMAN, but I’m not obsessed, yet I really enjoy this show. The banter is perfect bedtime listening. Daniel is hilarious! He should be on more! I hope Joe does a special EARONS episode.
I love this podcast. The hosts are great, and I love that they talk about ALL aspects of Batman - not just comics or movies or TV, etc.
Great show guys. Jimi and Joe, you always entertain, i love you guys. you compliment each other so well. cant wait to see you both again. Cant wait for episode 22
Just listened for the first time, really great show guys! Joe, I could listen to your mellifluous voice for hours.
I have a passing interest in Batman, mainly from the films. However, these folks made me want to delve deeper into the realm of comics with their reviews and nuanced commentary. Keep on trucking!
I really enjoy your podcast, along with some of the other Batman Universe Podcasts, but I give you guys extra points for the simple fact that you record from the same room. Some of the others sound like they are broadcasting during a game of Call of Duty. However, I am a bit older than you guys, so when I hear things like you were under the impression that the Batman/Jiggle Bells parody came from the Simpsons I really had to shake my head. Any way keep up the good work, I look forward to listening to you in 2016.
It feels like hanging out with other Batman fans. Daniel is especially hilarious heh heh
I began listening to Bruce Wayne's World a little late, but have gone back and began to listen from the beginning. The hosts, Jimmy/Jeemee/Jhiemi/Gym-y/Va-Jimi/Gymee/Gymnasium-y (all the same person) and Joe are experts on everything Batman, but often rift on other things as well. Good stuff.
Love these guys, and don't even know a lot about Batman!
Love this podcast! Such intelligent and interesting guys!
Love the podcast guys! Love the theme song? Who's the artist?
Great podcast and clever name.
Great podcast and clever name.
Great podcast and clever name.
Great show, guys! Has anyone ever told Joe he sounds like a cross between Steven Wright, Christian Slater and Jack Nicholson? Well, he does, and I love it! You guys are welcome on The Jock and Nerd Podcast anytime!
Always enjoy hearing real fans talk about Batman. This adult-oriented show is a great additiion to what The Batman Universe already offers, but fills a hole that needed to be filled by someone other than a celebrity. Well done!
I've always been a big Batman fan but have never read a comic. This show inspired me to purchase my first Bat-Book. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!
That "Gym-ee" guy sounds really handsome.
That Joe guy is right on.