A History Of: Alexander Remastered

Reviews For A History Of: Alexander Remastered

Really well researched, well written and engagingly delivered. I discovered Alexander in 2018, and binged, twice. Jamie brings Alexander to life. I found Hannibal, and am looking forward to Arab Spring. Please, more ancient history podcasts?
Well written, well presented, and well produced, "A History of: Alexander (Remastered)" provides listeners with an enjoyable, enlightening, and thought-provoking experience.
I love listening to history podcasts and this has made it into my top 5 lift. Thanks for the great work.
Excellent summary of the whole life of Alexander- well researched and inclusive of many names of hsitorical fugures and surrounding tribes and ethnic groups. My only complaint is that sometimes the names of old ethnicities correlate to other terms and Mr. Redfern doesn’t provide context often enough for me to map onto my other prior learning, since his sources use Greek names for Indian ethnic groups, for example (along the Indus River). Keep up the GREAT work!
Learn more about Alexander the Great from a dedicated, informative podcaster.
A great podcast if you're looking for a quick overview on what all the fuss was about with this Alexander guy.
Great podcast, great presentation skills. To listen to again and again.
I am about halfway through the series and I am thoroughly impressed with every episode. His research is very thorough and his delivery is also very good.
Jaimie Redfern's "A History of: Alexander" is essential listening for any history podcast enthusiast. Its a masterful, complete, yet percise and judicious look at Macedonian king which gives the listener a window into the brilliance, hubris and meglomania of history's greatest Alexander.