How Do We Fix It?

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Can a podcast be all three? Yeah, I think so. Especially when the two gentleman we hear in the podcast are running show. I just discovered this podcast and I am so glad I did. From now on, I will be a regular listener for sure. You should too. You might just learn a thing or two and have fun while doing it. This podcast is EXCELLENT...really enjoying.
The affable hosts elicit unexpected and insightful responses from the most interesting authors on the current talk show/podcast circuit. Highly recommended!
This is the kind of thing so many people have been waiting for. We already know that problems exist. It’s great to be able to discuss problems and solutions without seeking to “crush the opposition.”
Superb podcast - solutions! Imagine, a discussion of practical solutions. A lot of fun. Not namely-pamby. Walks the line between liberal and conservative.
Finally, a news show that proposes solutions to the problems it dives into, and from two brilliant, experienced minds who play off of each other so well. This show is a delight to listen to thanks to the hosts' experience and background, and their fascinating guests' fascinating perspectives.
The one guy doesn't have to have to keep telling everyone he's a Libertarian. We heard you the last 50 times. Also, both narrators use the term "push back" too much. I don't know, maybe it's for a drinking game. But thanks for the meat of the podcast. All and all, I enjoy it and learn from it.
Personable, intelligent. Richard and Jim strike a balance, interviewing from different perspectives widening the view of the topic
Richard & Jim do a great job with their attempt to return civil discourse to our society. Thank you.
This is a great podcast. Richard and Jim have an entertaining rapport and shine light on some interesting fixes! They don't always agree with each other, and I don't always agree with them, but every episode brings an honest and friendly debate about typically contentious topics. Highly recommend!
Enjoyed the show with Judy Gallant. Another example of the warmth and itimacy that are a couple of the hallmarks of "How Do We Fix It."
I always find this podcast smart and relevant. The only episode I found lacking was the discussion of the Fed. It started with the premise the Fed saved our economy in 2008 and never an opposing viewpoint was presented. I found Jim's personal take on this irritating: "my father told me so." Otherwise, the rest of the episodes have been consistently smart and informative.
the show is of superb quality both in topics and production value. Loved the episode on the backlash against science and how we can fix it
Too often in today's political discourse, it's nearly impossible to have honest dialogue. Richard and Jim attempt to do the impossible and actually have rational discussions without screaming at each other. It's an impressive exercise in what can happen when people have rational conversations.
I am so tired of listening to pundits who approach political and social issues with an axe to grind and a predictable perspective. Davies and Meigs have different political leanings but show us what it can be like to address an interesting array of modern day challenges with an open mind. Very refreshing.
Richard and Jim are fun to listen to as they discuss important topics. Everything from climate change and pushing back against extremism to personal debt and raising our kids. Instead of complaining, these guys are hungry for fixes. They don't always agree, but are both positive. Refreshing show.
Two smart guys interested in solving problems without pandering to the listener or trying to sensationalize the issue....that's a format worth my time.
This podcast is great for suggesting fixes that are understandable and doable. I've forwarded a few of the shows to my twenty-something kids as guidance for their negotiating real life. And thank you episode #19, for keeping me from panicking as the stock market tanks!!
If you had the time to do the research and think about these issues the way you wish you did! Love this podcast - great interviews and interesting (friendly, thoughtful, solutions-based) conversation. I feel more informed and more hopeful when I listen to these of-the-moment topics-based podcasts. Awesome idea for a show and look forward to listening to lots more.
I love the discussion of solutions instead of just problems that lots of shows only talk about. You should get Adam Carolla as a guest. He's all about solutions to problems. Keep up the good work!
Wide-ranging, genial and incisive. Since the problems are usually very big ones, the solutions suggested are rarely comprehensive or as easy to enact as we would like. Yet I always learn something and look forward to each week's offering.
The 'How Do We Fix It?' show helps listeners make sense of complex and nuanced issues. It’s also a helluva lotta fun to listen to. The hosts are tight, the guests are smart, and the topics are, mm, topical. Great show, and a must-listen.
It's rare to hear something on the radio that makes you change your mind. These guys make you stretch outside your box and think about things from a new angle. All podcasts should be this good,
I've been enjoying this podcast for a couple of months now. As for its topicality, I used the phrase "confirmation bias" in a sentence for the very first time a month ago (pats self on back), then was amused when that was the subject of the very next week's podcast. The length and the pacing are good, although I frequently find myself wishing for MORE exploration on the topics. Knowledgeable hosts and interesting guests. Laura Vanderkam was a standout.
5 stars
Richard and Jim are two guys that would welcome you into their own conversation, and listen to you. I think it’s rare that you get an “issues” show that actually addresses the issues with solutions in mind, and one that isn’t confined to the political. These two care deeply, and they do their best to make the audience care, too.
Great work in a fabulous format..thanks for doing this.
Excellent material recorded and written by two pros. Highly recommended.
Fantastic relationship between Richard and Jim; they work really well together. The dangers of confirmation bias is a great starter point, as it was the first one I listened too. Clean editing to, very professional.
I really like the format and the topics they tackle. Really good listen and I highly recommend this show. The production value is also top notch!
While reading the news can lead to despondency, listening to smart people brainstorm ways to fix big problems leads to hope. I love the information in this podcast, but more than that, I love the attitude: BigThink nuance plus positivity equals great listening.
Yeah, like how do we fix it? I had fun listening to this podcast. It starts with simple issues to life's bigger issues. This is so interesting! Thanks!
It seems counter intuitive for me to say that finding solutions for people’s problem is unique. But this show fits the bill. It fills the disconnect I see in most show. The “should ask questions”. That’s what makes this a should listen to show. Chuck Wang
Creating a community and conversation around solving problems...i love it!
If you are exhausted from listening to people’s rants about problems, you will find this podcast to be refreshingly solution focused. No drama, thoughtful conversations. Thanks guys, I love it!
So nice to hear sane, rational debates and ideas. How wonderfully unusual in today’s world!
From debt to parenting, politics to tech, this show has a smart range of subjects, good guests and great questions. The hosts are fun. Follow their journey!
Intelligent, thought-provoking and well done. This podcast touches on issues that focuses on solutions to issues with minimal bias.
I love all things practical and this show hits the nail on the head!
So great to have a podcast geared towards coming up with solutions to the toughest challenges!
Wow! Great show here. This show doesn't just talk about problems, but presents solutions. Nice work!
I wish this host nothing but the best. Truly a much needed concept.
This is podcasting at its best. Good show where I won’t be bored while listening. Different solutions on different instances. Society, health, environment, name it. You have it all in here. Interesting program. Thumbs up! - Podcast Professor Jaime
I need help fixing things. Thank you for this show
Digging this concept. Professional, interesting, and so needed! Thank you.
Listening to Beverly Harzog what a great interview with tons of value, great show !
I learned how to operate a scroll saw, a jigsaw, and many other tools a few years back. But this show is about fixing much more than a broken chair. It’s about big life issues, offering practical solutions. Good stuff! Sandy Weiner, Last First Date Radio
Whatever we have, it can break. So fixing it is important. Not just things, but issues and relationships too. Very informative with lot’s of great information. Give a listen and you’ll want to hear more.
Richard Davies is a journalist's journalist, with experiences in expert storytelling that could likely fill volumes of books. In "How Do We Fix It?", Richard and his co-host tackle tough topics in an entertaining and informative way that any fan of TAL or Radiolab would love. This should definitely be on your queue!
How do we fix it? Start by listening to this show. Finances, relationships, etc... Let's fix it. Great show.