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I’m just floored by how good this is: depth, terrific editing, wit, sensitivity. Listening to this is like drinking a great craft beer – from the very first sip it just makes you really happy. Can’t wait for episode 4!
Thanks for doing this!
How tempting! I liked this lead-in a lot. Sorta wish it had been longer with more segments for this day but will wait impatiently for next week's Extravaganza Papa! You guys are doing a great job. You've got your fingers (or something) on the pulse (or somewhere) of the pod. Keep it going!


By cmonkee
I've really enjoyed the first two episodes — fantastic sound quality (sadly hard to find in some podcasts), great stories, interesting experts. All around, just awesome.
You grabbed my interest from the very first few words. Now I am headed to the Internet to find answers to questions I never even knew I had!
Although I have enjoyed podcasts that follow one story over several episodes, sometimes I just want something short and sweet for a single car ride. I think I have found that series. Excited for the next episode!
The kind of stories / interviews where, if you were sitting in your car listening to it on NPR or somesuch and you pulled into your garage before it ended, you would sit there in your garage, car running, listening all the way through to the end. So I have a slogan for these guys: Against Type, So good you just might accidentally kill yourself.
Terrific music and story telling with a healthy amount of humor. I appreciate that it’s not just dudes sitting around spouting their opinions and beating their chests. The narration is very compelling and witty. I will subscribe.
A perfect blend of intrigue & humor. Is thought provoking and has NPR-level production value. Interesting from the first sentence — funny till the last. Even made the promo good. A+
Against Type is a brand-new podcast in the vein of This American Life and RadioLab. At the time of this writing, it's one episode in, but if this episode is any indication, it will be an intriguing mix of thought-provoking storytelling, commentary, and sound design. Looking forward to hearing more of this promising podcast.
Thanks! Listened to it at home. More episodes? Hope so.
Had me from the first minute. Another great story-based podcast. Reminds me of radiolab.
Super solid podcast. Very well produced.
Lovely storytelling and editing mixed with some surprising depth! There’s a great hook of a story at the beginning that’d be enough on its own, but it keeps probing deeper into the subject matter in interesting ways. If you like Radiolab, you’ll like Against Type!
This is great - sounds like something you'd hear on NPR!
Love me some interesting stories with great, immersive editing. The music is fitting, the narration is succinct, and the stories are engaging. I even learned something new. Gave me a real Radio Lab feel. If you're into that sort of thing--subscribe!
I found this so interesting as I hadn't put much thought to this subject before. The information in such an entertaing format is somewhat new to me as a recent listener of Podcasts. I subscribed so I won't miss an episode. Can't wait to hear what comes next.
A very sincerely unsettling intro. I appreciate the production values as well. Also unexpectedly funny later on. I think this has a lot of potential if you like story based podcasts.