Arab Spring: A History

Reviews For Arab Spring: A History

I’ve been looking for an overview of the Arab spring (it’s rather difficult to find something up to date) and this has been fantastic. Very informative, an overview but certainly not lacking in detail!
It may be four years ago that this podcast was created but as the world turns, it becomes more and more important that all of us to understand what came before the Arab Spring and since the Arab spring in order to understand where we might be headed. Thanks to the makers of this podcast for making it happen. Very personal delivery and this helps keep it intimate.
Great show in terms of content and clarity. But the production drives me crazy. The constant low end spikes due to the lack of a pop filter, and any post production EQ on the vocal mic make this almost unlistenable for me. This is a simple fix, and there is no reason a professional grade podcast should have this problem.
This is a fantastic podcast that keeps itself at a high level with just the right about of detail and doesn’t get lost in the rough. Jamie does a great job of telling an unbiased narrative and has masterfully crafted this series. Well done.
This was easy to listen to, structured well, no information overload. Unlike many podcasts—and college lectures—it is made with the listener in mind. Particularly considerate and useful are the recommendations for books and podcasts peppered throughout, so if you’re interested in a detail of the history that the podcast can’t address, you can follow up easily.
I loved this series I hope one day he picks it back up and takes us to the modern day!!
I like how informative it is. Sometimes the characters get a little bit confusing but did a real good job of keeping it straight and I really liked the fact that I can learn about this topic. It's a very important topic
Jamie has been the voice I listen to LITERALLY every single morning on my way to work. I choose to learn on my commute every morning, and Jamie does an impeccable job of helping me do that. His voice is soothing and his British vocabulary is immense. I'm currently learning Arabic and thought learning about the history behind Arabs and Islam in general and this has been such a great experience with Jamie leading the way. Very informative, very helpful, very entertaining. Highly recommend this podcast. Very well done Jamie and thank you for making my mornings with you special.
Thanks for helping me understand the history of a highly complex and intertwined place in the world that has a long and complicated past. My only wish is that the episodes were a little longer. I look forward to more entertaining and informative podcasts in the future.
This is a great podcast. It's well researched and unbiased. If you want to know the history, understand the present or just hear a really good story you must listen to this podcast. I'm half Lebanese. There's a lot of bs out there about the middle east. This is not that. This podcast is fair, accurate and well delivered. I am super impressed and I think you will be too. Check it out.
This guy can teach history so that it sticks!
This podcast is excellent: extremely informative and quite addicting. Please, please, please make more episodes! I've been waiting since August!
Really great work and has definitely filled up some gaps in my Middle Eastern history. I'm disappointed that there are no more episodes! I'm stuck in the 80s Iran and would like to know what happens next! I know it's a controversial subject but super important for people in the West to be informed.
Will you be discontinuing ?
Firstly, this podcast would be more appropriately named "History of the Middle East in the 20th Century" as 90% of the episodes have very indirect relationships to the 2011-present uprisings throughout the region. Second, given the grand scope of this podcast, it tends to take on far too much for it's objectives. Clearly the host is well-researched in this field, which is great. However, the presentation is difficult to follow, as we jump from topic to topic, country to country, and time period to time period, often within the same podcast. There are even some instances in which a topic is broached in one episode and then finished up in another. It's like talking about A, B, and C in one episode, then more on C in the next, along with D and then a parenthetical to A before jumping to E. The information is fine, but the presentation is scattered and lacking. I am not sure how much planning went into the overall structure of this series. I would recommend this only as a complement to written works on this subject or to more professional-based courses like those offered on Great Courses or iTunes University. Overall, I enjoyed the series but think it leaves room for improvement.
Jame's apologetics to these savages is as dead as their attempts at democracy or a religion that makes any moral sense. Whether you can stomach that sort of "colonialism made them what they are and the West has only itself to blame" line or not, you won't see this podcast finish. I will modify this somewhat if he starts up again but I won't hold my breath that he will and neither should you.
Other than a lack of frequency ( he does how many podcasts?), info is objective. The only haters are the religious psychos from developing countries.
Love the lucid story telling. Concise and unbiased. Greatly expanded my understanding of middle eastern history and the current geopolitical climate.
really glad your back Jamie
Could use a bit more repetition/reminders to help keep the players straight but a great introduction to a bewildering topic
One of the true high quality podcasters of the "Golden Age". His Alexander and Hannibal podcasts were both first-rate and this podcast is in the same tradition. One must also note the good, sound judgment shown whenever tackling sticky issues of the Middle or Near East. This subject sometimes requires a light or subtle touch and the podcast has yet to disappoint. In addition, kudos for recognizing his role as a key player in the Golden Age. I allude to the references to other podcasts covering important background areas. This is essentially a bibliography of podcasts and acts as a subtle but important step in bringing podcasts academic value.
I was listening to this podcast before the RSS feeds went south and resubscribed, since I appreciate that Jamie has taken an important topic and has done a fine job in covering it.
I've listened to other podcasts by them, and they are great. Keep up the good work, and thank you for your interesting topics.