Hannibal and the Punic Wars

Reviews For Hannibal and the Punic Wars

What about the first war
What a great and entertaining way to learn the history of arguably one of the most important wars to influence our modern day. Very well put together.
Really enjoyed this podcast. Found myself hoping something would change & Hannibal would win.
Well I do an example of how history can make for the most epic stories.
This podcast....would be great...... if the...... narrator....spoke......like a.... normal....................person. Why.... does every......sentence..........sound like.... he has.....ellipses.....in............…......it.? Terribad.
Finished this series last summer and loved evry minute of it. Exceedingly detailed in research and discussion without too much digression. Good analysis and plain-speak for many ocmplicted and intricately interesting facts from history!
Very detailed. Nice to see it's been finished.
Very in depth look at the second Punic war.
I REALLY like thie podcast! It it VERY well done. You can tell Jamie puts a lot of time and effort into each show. Keep up the good work!
Got partway through the Punic wars and then just dropped it. It's been over a year so chances are he won't pick it up. Don't leave yourself in the lurch. Go find some other podcast.
Yes that is Jamie's voice. You would have been much better off writing it and having the woman you were trying to interview/date read it on line. Her voice was pleasant to listen too. How about finishing what you start? You get bored with the topic and now you are doing a new topic, Arab spring? When you get bored of that will you stop in the middle too? When the history of Rome podcast started mike dunkin didn't realize it would take 3 years to finish but he did finish it. Why don't you have the woman you were trying to date finish it? This way she can finish what you started and we can all enjoy the podcast.
This podcast is for everybody who likes a lot of detail and background information. And even though this sounds like a lot of dates and names, Jamie manages to guide you through it without making you feel lost in irrelevant information. He gives great and well researched information about the motivations of Hannibals every move and is able to relate it to today's time. The sound quality of the podcast is great, there is no mumbling or background noise. Five stars
I loved this podcast and then it experienced some crippling technical difficulties. It's finally back and I look forward to Rome winning the war. One thing- where is episode 9?
I was listening to Jamie’s fantastic narrative on Hannibal and his epic struggle against Rome when the RSS feed went south before I could finish. I am glad that this podcast is back and will listen to every episode again because I enjoyed them so much.
This was a tremendous podcast before Jamie encountered some technical difficulties, and other various distractions. The podcast's "hiatus" just and the tide of the Second Punic War, had begun to sway in Rome's favor. Looking forward to hearing Jamie's take on the rise of Scipio Africanus, and the fall of Hannibal.