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Nice and moody, good performances, writing that started off a little self-conscious but which has gotten better as the writer settled into a groove.
I'm a huge fan of the theater and its great to have an awesome program such as this in podcast form. Exploring the depths of the human experience in such wonderful and beautiful detail is astonishing. Definitely a podcast to listen to.
However, despite not being a fan of theater, I enjoyed listening to this podcast.
The production value is great, the stories are chilling to the bone. This podcast really deserves more attention!!!
Very exciting stories, they really pull you in. I can’t stop listening!
Short, creepy radio plays. I'm in! - Jonas Polsky
The Grayscale is narrated by a mysterious character known as “The Voice Inside Your Head.” Each episode follows a new recording he’s uncovered that delves into the inner workings of human nature. The eponymous Grayscale functions as a Twilight Zone-esque framing for each episode, allowing the show to cover a broad range of subjects. Easily my favorite episode of the series is called Jess Dempsey, First Woman on Mars, and it’s every bit as intriguing as it sounds. It’s impossible to delve into the plot without spoiling it, but the story is a great examination of the human resolve and psyche. If you loved The Twilight Zone, you’ll love what The Grayscale has to offer. Give it a shot.
This show is so good it makes me plotz!
Really fun to listen to. Episodes are rarely more than 25 minutes long, great for commutes. Check out Jess Dempsey for thrills.
I hope they come out with more stories more often. Very cool
I love the tone and the tales! SUBSCRIBE to this podcast!
This show is like the audio version of exploring the deep catacombs of the human soul. Facsinating stories, compelling performances and top notch effects. Its everything I ever wanted in a podcast before I even knew I wanted it.
An interesting narrative, very Twlight Zone. Give it a try, trust me, you'll be hooked.
and I came across gold with this. Great stuff. Worth the downloads
I found this podcast the other week, listen to it when I am commuting to work, very fun way to start the morning if your into scifi kinda stories. Really dig the narrator.
This show is great for fans of The Twilight Zone! Great mix of genres and tones - some are sci-fi, some supernatural, some realistic... some are scary, funny, sweet, cynical.
Sci-fi and fantastical stories complete with twists and treats. Best suited for listening with headphones in the dark for the full effect to take place.


By Jak528
Creepy, very sci-fi!