Sunday Night Supper

Reviews For Sunday Night Supper

The quality and pacing of this podcast is incredible. Such a pleasure to listen to.
I've been enjoying Supper for a little while and enjoy the storytelling and creativity a lot. If you enjoy theater it will probably appeal to you a lot. I was really happy to hear The Secret Room make an appearance on the current episode, what a neat surprise. Keep up the great work...
You know those nights where you sit up and just tell stories with your friends till like 4 am? And you all get kind of delirious because you're all exhausted but having too much fun to go to sleep? That's this podcast. It's those epic "last hangers on of the party," sitting around a campfire stories. Highly recommend!
Listen to this show! The host is great at guiding the stories into relevant and revelatory territory. The stories are succint and lively.
This is some easy listening and a great concept. SUBSCRIBE!!
Tired of hearing your friend's same old boring stories over and over again? Now you can hear new stories without having to go through all the trouble of making new friends! Interesting concept.
What a great show! Fun concept, great stories, definitely subscribing!!!!
Innovative format for a show – Great stories that will hold your attention and the informal nature keeps it very relatable.
A lot of fun to listen to. Reminds me of Ira Glass/TAL. A must-listen.
This was a nice show to stumble upon! Thanks Reddit!


Great listen, I love the stories and the themes are always so fun! Perfect for listening with friends.
This is a warm, around-the-dinner-table kind of storytelling show. Makes you want to tell your own story
Well organized, well hosted, Sunday Night Supper is a pleasant listening experience. Hilarious and heartfelt stories.
Very striking, thought provoking stories