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Why do you do those stupid breaks with the annoying radio commercial guy? This pod could be ok if they weren't there... Also the analysis needs some serious help
Always some thoughtful breakdown of events.
Two great twitter follows make for a great basketball pod. The sample size is small right now but what you have is lively discussion and analysis from, as the title says, insiders, who are at the pro days, in the locker rooms, in the thick of the action. There are lot of great basketball pods out there and this one is very new, but if you want to go behind the scenes of the NBA, look no further. The little pre-recorded, produced parts between segments feel like strange vestigial radio broadcast breaks and could stand to go, honestly
Incredibly informative, refreshing listen. Their approach to the ins-and-outs of the league is second to none. Very straightforward yet broad analysis. Wish they did it more than twice a week.
Basketball Insiders provide the best NBA basketball podcast you could find! All of the writers are great and each podcast is well worth the time. Definitely recommend to any NBA fan looking for news and analysis.
Always looking for new voices. These guys have done some nice analysis on free agency without getting bogged down. But the draft preview had a guy that runs a clinic pimping all of his own guys for the draft. That left a bad taste in my mouth. Not a fan of that nonsense.
Great for NBA fans. In depth discussion of interesting and not necessarily mainstream topics. The variety of guys on the show is great and they clearly make an effort to talk about things they don't agree on. I only wish they'd get rid of the dumb announcer's voice in between segments. Definitely making this a part of my regular podcast rotation.
I must confess: I’m a big fan of Alex Kennedy, so going into this podcast I’m already inclined to like it. But objectively, what is great about this is that the Insiders guys all really love the game and they know hoops. There’s no fluff and no “bias” or what have you that many feel you get from the major sources like ESPN. These guys cover the entire league and they cover it well. I put Alex and Co. on my “favorites” list with Zach Lowe and the Starters. Keep it up, guys!
Best basketball talk I've found after searching for years.
The guys cover every aspect of the game, including many storylines that never appear on the more mainstream media outlets like ESPN. They are also very responsive on Twitter, answering numerous fan questions and encouraging discussion. Would recommend to any serious basketball fans!
Tons of info and great interaction with fans. They actually take suggestions and implement them!
Really nice podcast. Covered a lot of topics.
Really enjoyed the podcasts. Both of you made some great points on some very interesting topics! Will definitely be tuning into it from now on!
As a long time fan of Alex Kennedy and the rest of the guys at Insiders, it's refreshing to finally hear these guys talk on a podcast. Great conversations and a must-listen for any hoops fan!


very informative with great interaction
This podcast really is great for any basketball fans that want a few different angles on a subject -- gets you the important information!
Kyler and Kennedy provided great info and dialogue regarding the draft. Looking forward to the next podcast.
I will be honest I decided to listen to this podcast because I enjoy reading what Alex Kennedy writes. I have to say I really enjoyed you guys chemistry together and your knowledge of the players in the draft. Great insight #subscribed
Love following these guys on Twitter. Super helpful and accessible, always willing to answer questions. The podcasts are a longer form of that and it’s really good stuff. Great work guys!
Great podcast, especially for those of us who only hear about large market teams that arent even in the playoffs on the ESPNs
Loved this podcast!!! Huge Basketball Insiders fan and I'll be listening from now on. Great back and forth & info.