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I started listening because of Johan Galtung interview and stuck around for the bizarreness to come. this is one of those programs that takes valid points from solid Marxist and even Libertarian anti-imperialist positions and takes it to moronic places....anti-vax, anti-semitic, pro-qanon and not in a smart or funny way. just had a program arguing that Ford Foundation is paying CIA to work with BlM to coup Trump. The best comparison for this awful show is that it is a stupider version of the already idiotic RT show “Eat the Press”.
Listened to about 10 episodes, never heard any facts here. Everything is opinions- and they reach some pretty wild conclusions based on these opinions.
Came across this after the Frances Boyle interview, and now I can’t stop listening. A really broad range of perspectives from all quadrants of the political spectrum. Fair discussions and deep topic dives. Each guest offers valuable insight. Love it.
I think the host asks excellent questions, ones that I would ask myself. He is polite and does not interrupt his guests. He has done some ground-breaking interviews, such as with Prof. Francis Boyle. It's great to get different viewpoints from around the world, too. I value it and I subscribed to the newsletter.
Almost always presents ideas and people that I am not familiar with. Makes me think. It seems like much of what I read and listen to is recycled... not here. Like the interview style, definitely recommend! Been listening for quite a long while, have learned a lot and been challenged in my thinking.
People claiming this podcast is "Russian propaganda" are clearly true believers in the post-2016 Russophobic hysteria that the corporate media and national parties have used to distract the masses from their own perfidy and corruption. This podcast has its limits but it's at least free of the jingoistic ignorance that is the hallmark of most such podcasts available on apples platform.
Please get John Galtung and let’s get a viewpoint of the next 5 years please
Sometimes it's uesful listening to perspectives like this, but at least there's some semblance of truth as a common ground. This show's host throws a lot of truth out the window and us the audience should deserve better.
Disappointing....a left-wing, anti-US rant as opposed to an objective analysis.
Just listened to the William Engdahl episode with a friend. We kept laughing the whole way through. We are currently considering listening again to count how many times they say Soros or CIA... I am unsubscribing as I was interested in geopolitical books not kool aid.
The podcast itself is ok and has some good talking points but it clearly has an anti USA bias. The podcast tends to push an isolationist policy for the USA and it’s allies but does not do the same to more aggressive actors, specifically China and Russia (at some points even defending their actions). It almost sounds like far right/ Russian backed propaganda at some points. That being said it provides a different aspect to how the USA and other actors should operate and like most things if you take what’s being said with a grain of salt and treat the statements made like the opinions they are (not facts like some of these reviews seem to believe) it can provide a different way to see things from a more right leaning perspective than the typical left leaning globalist views that have become the norm as of late.
Yes there’s a wide range of people being interviewed but at least it’s not stuck in some liberal financed back echo chamber. Keep up the good work, people will make their decisions and opinions but at least they’ll be better informed.
Often goes beyond the Overton window of mainstream media/podcasts. It’s rare to find honest inquiry without the typical propaganda, though each guest must be evaluated individually to discern truth from psyop
Not too many geo-politic shows have the guts to put Daniel Estulin on the mic! Many different subjects and a pretty wide-range of guests.
FIrst episdoe I listen to, he starts off asking for money and then immediately had some libertarian and Trump voter "analyst" come on and compared Ron Paul to batman. Yeah, do not trust these guy's opinions. Unacademic and really armmchair. You are better off reading reddit comments.
As a Geography and Public Policy college student, this podcast has served as an excellent resource for analysis of the most important geopolitical topics in the world today. I especially enjoy the caliber of guests which are featured.
The podcast has some guests that are out there sometimes, but overall provides an international perspective...


It’s obviously Russian propaganda but it’s good to understand their taking points as a good way to understand where Russian foreign policy believes it needs to assert its national interests.
Unimpressed. Less rigorous version of the Geopolitical Futures podcast.
Not just illogical, but simultaneously inaccurate. The purveyance of unfounded conspiracy theories coupled with half truths are undoubtedly part of the reason the United States is divided AND in decline.
I discovered Geopolitics and Empire this year (2018) and have nothing but praise for the quality of the presentations and for the deep understanding this series provides about global affairs and the role of the United States in the world. Reasoned, wide-ranging and highly informative. At least five stars.
This podcast helps you understand events that aren't covered in mainstream US media. Very interesting topics. Only weakness of the podcast is that the host occasionally brings overzealous speakers who preach the end of America. Other speakers are genuinely intelligent and insightful.