Rev It Up Reading Revolution

Reviews For Rev It Up Reading Revolution

Establishing a reading ritual is so valuable never really thought about it that way until Abby brought it to light. A podcast we can all get value from. Keep them coming Abby-ZevH
I've never considered ANY of this before, and am so grateful for such helpful tips. PLUS Abby's voice is really lovely to listen to!
What a pleasure to listen to an educator who really shows her interest in the success of her audience. I'm looking forward to listening to all the podcasts in the series!
I'm already hooked. In just a few short segments, Abby has already shared her knowledge & expertise that anyone can apply to their reading load. Looking forward to future podcasts!
It was helpful to spend a few minutes focusing on how important it is to incorporate rituals into plans for what we most want to accomplish. Thanks for sharing your expertise on this.
I love it! A way to be a better, faster, smarter reader ā€” just what I need. (and I do a lot of reading for my job) This is a great format for learning ā€” just a couple minutes of Abby in my ear, with tips and encouraging words to send me on my road to improvement. Thanks! :-))
This is my podcast so of course I think it's 5 stars! I'm not an expert at podcasting but I am an expert at speed reading with 25+ years experience. I know I'll get better every week with practice, just as you will become a better reader by practicing the ideas and strategies I share. Join me on the Rev It Up Reading Revolution!
I love to read, but somehow I always get overwhelmed with the amount I want to read as well as remembering all of it. I usually read Newspapers, biographies, and novels. I was able to use tools from the Rev It Up Reading Revolution podcast to enhance my reading speeds and remember what I read at the same time! Iā€™m so surprised at my success and would recommend this podcast to any professionals that read daily or those who like to read for leisure.
I highly recommend this podcast for anyone wanting to be a more confident reader. I am recommending it for all my students.