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While these guys have some interesting thoughts on games and movies, they consistently fail to research or recall basic facts about plots/pronunciation of names, creating an overall frustrating experience Update: Updating score as I do enjoy listening to these guys despite my criticism, may have been harsh on the score. And there are absolutely Abstergo references in AC:Origins, for the record.
Excellent hosts who are funny and (mostly) mature. This is how you can find the cream of the crop of video games, whether for artistic merit or just good old-fashioned fun. Also good about bringing in diverse game developer, designer, and journalist experts from female, minority, and gay voices.
This is a really crappy show They just play a few hours of a game and comment on it, without going any further and looking and thinking about what they saw and played Like discussing the cover of a book!
It's great to have a podcast that breaks down little parts of games how players do. It's OK to critique parts of games that you otherwise enjoy and I think that's rare from games outlets. I want to know what you liked and didn't like from a game and it's OK to recommend a game that has parts that were annoying or tedious. Given the background of the two hosts, it has more maturity than many other video game podcasts. (Also, I got stuck on the same exact part with the tracks in Gorogoa. Thanks for making me feel less stupid)
Excellent, educated discussion on video games. Want more.
I listen to JJ and Chris when I drive overnight for my business to pass the time. They help me stay awake and informed about games I may not have played otherwise. Between having 2 children and loads of work to do this podcast gives me my game fix. Keep up the good work guys.
One of the best video game podcasts out there. Smart, mature, and fun. Highly recommended.
This podcast is wonderful. I really enjoy listening to these two chat about games, primarily because they provide insightful commentary that well exceeds any ratings system. They're also quite funny and have a good rapport with each other, making for an enjoyable listen. Keep up the good work, Chris and JJ!
5 stars is the correct number of stars, and the number of the stars shall be 5.
Want to hear a dad and a vaping uncle talk about their confusion in the modern video games landscape? Want to hear interviews with journalist dabblers in the medium with only a surface understanding of video games? Want to hear a lot of laughing at their own jokes? There are some gems in here, but not enough worth subscribing for.
(Wish they would do more quick hits on games that are not AAA)
Topical and thoughtful discussion of new games and classics you may have missed.
Do you desire video game reviews in the nature of haughty, self important vein of The New Yorker? Cuz that's what this crap is. Ever see a critical review that disagrees in every way from the popular opinion, because they over analysis everything and are reflexively intellectual even about everyday joys? These are those people. Avoid them.
Smart, thoughtful commentary on gaming, taking it seriously without genuflecting. Great rapport between the hosts and fun celebrity game interviews too...
Chris and JJ have created one of the best podcasts I've had the pleasure of listening to and even better it happens to be about video games. Both hosts elevate the conversation around gaming to a level not often seen and do so in an entertaining way most other gaming podcasts fail to achieve. Definitely one of the best out there.
Best game podcast I know. Chris & JJ are intelligent and truly enjoy video games, but the show also focuses on the fact that you can be a Real Adult and still play. Analyses of game design, narrative, and games as art abound.
I only recently discovered this 'cast when they were interviewing John Lovett However I I enjoyed the podcast and decided to subscribe and have also trawled the back catalogue As someone who was once an avid gamer but now only treads the shallows bog Gamerdom these days I find the 'casts to always be entertaining and informative occasionally persuading me to part with my hard earned cash on a game they've reviewed The guests they have on (like John) always bring something to the table
One note: Don't fade up music at the end until the conversation is wrapped up. So distracting!! Love the show. Keep chatting!
They tackle a good mix of AAA/indie games that is actually interesting to look into. Smart but not pretentious and they have a good rapport that makes every 30 minute-ish episode enjoyable listen to.
This is an outstanding video games podcast, period.
Game reviews and interviews with three syllable words and literary references. Really really good. I'm catching up on all episodes
A thoughtful, straightforward discussion of video games ranging from esoteric indie titles to prominent AAA titles. Honest and unpretentious (usually!), the podcast offers a nice escape from most video game journalism with endless, formulaic raves or jeers and ten-point scales. With its play/don't play review system, the podcast seems less concerned with making every game a sensational work of art or piece of garbage, and instead talks about it for what it is: a video game.
I always look forward to these guys and their refreshing, intelligent take on video games as art. Analysis and reviews of games are thoughtful and compelling.
they have great discussions between the hosts but the interviews they get are incredible. some of the most thoughtful analysisi of videogames since Extra Lives.
Intelligent and funny podcast that flows well. The hosts have solid insight on a variety of game and have had some interesting guests. A definite subscribe and worth checking out if you like video games.
So happy to have discovered this podcast! I appreciate the thoughtful conversations and interview on gaming and game design. Keep up the great work, guys!
One of the best podcasts I subscribe to about gaming and culture.
Educated, down-to-earth, and a good sense of humor. This is the most professional podcast on video games that I've ever listened to. The discussions and interviews are fascinating! I love hearing from influential people about how video games have played a large role in their lives (even confessions of loving mobile games - like most of the world) and how they want to contribute back to the culture. Definitely give this podcast a try if you haven't already.
Two overqualified journalists reference The New Yorker and James Joyce, and talk about video games. They're both really busy people so they never get very far in games unless they're "Life is Strange" or "Fallout 4." It's an ironic counterpoint - the discussions they have about the games are often fairly deep and erudite, tying together disparate strands of the ongoing discussion that is electronic entertainment and weaving it into their narrative about the game. They also play like 5-10 hours of a game and then call it. Overall it's worth a listen. It's a more intelligent discussion than I was expecting.
In the age of gamer gate, THANK GOD good content like this is out there. Super smart, good commentary. Very thoughtful. Love it.
I love intelligent conversation about video games that doesn't end with a number rating but does end with me understanding whether or not I want to play the game. Keep up the awesome work!
I stumbled upon this podcast recently. Why didn’t I know about it earlier? Thoughtful, witty discussion about games by actual grown-ups. Also, great production values - the NPR-style polish is perfect. It’s like a weekly book club, only with games. Listen with some Stilton and a Rosé.
A joy to listen to every single time. You guys are in for a treat with “Quantum Break,” looking forward to hearing your opinions.
Not your typical gaming podcast. Very unique and thoughtful. Thank you! Q for the hosts: Have I left the correct number of stars? :)
I really like this podcast. It isn’t fake or trying to be funny. I really am always curious what their opinions on games are because they sometimes take non-standard stances on beloved games. Also the segment where you interview people who we don’t typically think play games is great (I still really want to hear June Thomas talk about Candy Crush). Keep it up and please don’t get too busy to abandon this project.
Is the correct number of stars
This is kind of like an audio version of Siskel and Ebert, but about video games. The hosts are really smart and have interesting discussions about all types of video games, from small indie titles to big budget games. It's also just the right length, usually around 30 minutes, which makes it much more concise and focused than most video game podcasts. It was a little rough for the first few episodes, but it feels like they've really hit their stride now and it's become a must-listen for me every week.
Chris and JJ know what they're talking about but they never act like they know more than they do. They recognize that some games are art and others are just for fun. Always interesting and a fun listen.
The podcast approaches games from varied perspectives. The show takes the subject matter seriously, but the hosts don't take themselves too seriously.
I've taken a liking to listening to podcasts on my commute everyday. As an avid gamer in my 40s, it's nice to hear a dialog about gaming and such by some of my peers. I've found I can relate more to their views and experiences than other gaming pod casts. I really enjoy the great interviews with people involved in games and gaming culture. Thank you, I've finally found my gaming go to...
I've been searching for a podcast like this for over a year- commentary and insight on games by adults. Pop culture is referenced but not saturated. Their knowledge of game culture, development and business is presented well in a casual and entertaining manner. Thanks, JJ and Chris, for a fun and insightful listen.
I love the way these two approach games; not as disposable entertainment, not as "haute art," but the combination of artistry and fun that games truly are. Easy to listen to, quick and to the point, and an excellent insight into others outside the gaming industry who play games, which allows for more viewpoints than just JJ and Chris. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer!
Between Chris and JJ, this show is my new favorite place to get thoughtful dialog on video games. Finally there's a podcast that marries the production value you'd expect from JJ's NPR pedigree with a discussion on games as cultural art.