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The first episode I ever listened to, must have needed one heck of an editor. This show is equivalent to getting drunk with some old friends, regardless of your BAL! So step into a Scrish & have a great time, without even leaving your room! Except to grab a beer & some whiskey... 😉
The comradarie between the crew keeps things light and jovial. They all seem to be having a great time and that type of enthusiasm translates to the listener so you cannot help but smile. A really cool show you cannot afford to miss,,,
I can’t get enough of this podcast!!!! Great content ant well produced!!!! Subscribe to this one!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this faulkn show. Funny, entertaining and relateable! I highly reccomend!
Just listen to the show. This is a fantastic group of hilarious and lovable people. You’ll be hooked in no time.
So glad my friend told me to give this show a listen. Love the show guys!
Love this show. Keep em coming guys!
I picked a random episode to start with (because I'm weird like that), and it happened to fall on the one where they were coming up with band names. It KILLED me. You guys have a new fan! Recommended if you like rude, raunchy humor and camaraderie.
I've listened for a while now and always have a great time. Feels like you're hanging out with the gang. Great hosts, conversations, and chemistry! And always fun!!!
Excellent podcast! Good quality and a very funny cast of characters with no filter. Love it! Keep up the good work.
Just subscribe already, for real. Get this show on your device now.
I'm replacing my initial review because it does NOT do this amazing show justice. I laugh so hard during some of the segments on the show I am crying. The sound quality out of Scrish bar is always amazing, and Cobra works magic on those sound drops (sometimes, HAHA). Leo, Kitty, Cobra, Midgie and Fez are all fantastic and the energy between them and the comedic timing kills. I wish I lived down the street just so I could go be part of their shenanigans all the time. You guys ROCK. Keep up the AMAZING work on the show!!
Out of all the shows, I listen to, this is one of the ones that will always make it to the top of the playlist! Great chemistry. Hillarious group!
I can honestly say these guys/gals are a freakin riot to listen to. They have clever bits, hilarious stories and tons of awesome sound clips. I almost fall out of my seat laughing when I listen to them! Huge shout out to Afterburner739!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont want to miss out on the fun...listen...NOW
Love the show man great topics and great host man love it you guys just got s new subscriber!
Afterburn has been so supportive of the podcasting community, and has consistently created great shows. Awesome guys!
Too miuch to list as far as likes. Its all good, every second of this show!! Sriously, where is Jackie? And Foo? Mike from the Mike Jolitz Show on itunes
That's OK just run out and buy a 12 pack,start crackin them open and listen to these guys! Just think of all the money you'll save! You get to hang out with a great group of people, laugh along with them, get wasted,and not have to worry about driving home! Perfect night! -Mike Winter, host of Wisecrackin with Winter


By Smolls
Looking for a fun night out with friends at the bar? Well this podcast is for you. You will feel hooked immediately. As a fellow bar room style podcast (Couple Things Podcast) I was instantly hooked! Subscribe today.
This show is amazing. You'd think with so many voices on the mic that it would be tough to rein things in, but they always manage to deliver a show that will leave your stomach hurting from so much laughter. Such a great show, it will make you wish you were in Scrish bar every night!
The gang from Afterburn are the definition of true friendship. From drinks to turkey bucket, every week brings a new journey with the crew. Nok (Geek Yogurt Podcast)
a VERY funny podcast… and all the hosts bring the funny. You can’t help but to be in a great mood listening to them. Subscribe and rate it.
This show is so much fun! Tried the show out, and it's seriously like a night out at the bar with people who are just as inappropriate as you are! I still don't think I am recovered from the Vajankle episode! Give these guys a shot, and you'll love it. Keep up the good work guys!!!
Feels like you're right there at the bar. Super funny and the banter between everyone is great. Subscribe now! Finnius (TattooedBananas)
I flippin love this show. friends and conversations there is nothing better than hearing stories and laughter. great show
First off, thanks for the love off Podcast Roulette, but second off. VAJANKLE!!! All I gotta say. Seinfeld in Podcast form, has that radio family feel. Love the cast, jokes etc. Keep it up
I am ashamed to say that as like the biggest Afterburn 739 fan...I think...that it has taken me this long to subscribe and review this show. I shall now make up for it! If you want a blueprint of how a round table comedy podcast should be handled, listen and take notes to this show. Every episode has it's own moment of "enlightenment" that will truly make you day brighter and make you feel like you have 6 friends (sometimes more depending on who's in Skrish Bar) that you can rely on every week to bring you some joy! Do yourself a favor and come check them out! All I know is I love my friends, who will be there right until the end, and I know I'll go anywhere for youuuuu! Matt from The MR. BS Show
The podcast equivalent of sitting in a booth at Applebee's with some good friends & having a great conversation. Don't waste a moment thinking about it - Just hit "subscribe"! - Tom (Drunken Dork Podcast)
This show is great! Everyone flows well and has great chemistry. If you want a good laugh and some great entertainment then this show is for you! Keep up the good work!
Ever try out a new bar and see a group of regulars having the best time, you overhear them laughing and joking and telling stories??? Well thats this show, These guys are HILARIOUS and are not scared to tackle any subject while being 100% REAL and HONEST!!! I Highly recommend this show!!! HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!
This show is great, it feels like you are hanging out with a posse of good friends.
This was a very enjoyable podcast. Many podcasts I listen to are more serious (tech new, movie news, etc.) but it is really fun to listen to a show that is lighthearted and feels like you are just hanging out with friends. Having everyone in one place really adds a fun atmosphere to the show.
This podcast is great! It is ike hanginhg out with a bunch of cool people chatting about so many fun topics. Ususally in my friends there is always one killjoy but not in this group. I'm thiniking about dumping all of my real life friends and just chilling with this podcast all the time. Good times, subscribe
This is a really fun barroom round table style podcast! It's like you just made 6 new friends!! Funny and smooth conversation awaits and entertains for all those who subscribe! We did and so should you! Scott Lost At Home Podcast
Great chemistry, lots of laughs, and its the first time i heard someone do magic on a show! Incredible!
Yup we reviewed our own podcast! #whatareyougoingtodoaboutit


By Ribrahb
Best thing I've ever listened to. 👍🏻
What a great show! Can't stop listening!! Keep up the good work.
These guys are hilarious! Love this show!
This show is great. It's loose enough to feel like you're part of a group of friends hanging out, but it's a topical podcast. It's a really funny, great show!
The best part about listening to podcasts is interesting stories from interesting people and this show perfectly reflects this. Subscribe to it then thank me later.
Great friends having a great time every Friday night!! This is what it would sound like if you recorded you & your friends hanging out, having a good time and lots of laughs!!! You can't listen to this and not wish you were with them at Scrish Bar!!
Funny people! Love the chemistry! Keep it rolling! I wanna come to Scrish Bar