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Rather than a Q&A discussion, most of these podcasts are scripted. Both questions and answers sound like they’re being read off a piece of paper in front of the speaker. This makes the podcasts extremely difficult to listen to and boring. Why listen when I can just read this from somewhere else. Stop scripting and have a real discussion.
This is an amazing podcast. I have received physical theraphy throughout my existence and this podcast is gold. Good advice.
Excellent specialized information.
A wonderful insight into the benefits of manual techniques for occupational therapy practitioners to use with the SCI population.
Excellent information and interview!
This interview is an insightful description of the excellent work that is being done at the NYU Langone Concussion Center. As the Program Manager Mara explains her complex role as the Patient’s and Family member’s advocate and how she’s helping patients on their path to recovery by guiding them through the numerous resources NYU Langone has to offer. She shows that care at the Concussion center is coordinated in a holistic and individualized manner by taking into account the patient’s health history, current comorbidities, living environment, lifestyle habits and other factors that may have an impact on the patient’s recovery to ensure optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.
I found the interview with Mara Sproul to be extremley informative. Her knowledge and experience clarfiyed many of my own misconceptions and has increased my awarness on concussions. Excellent interview!
The interview with Mara Sproul was very informative and it clarified several myths about concussions that I wasn’t aware of.
Mara Sproul was very informative and helpful to me. My daughter is an athlete and has had two concussions. The holistic approach to the treatment of concussions is crucial. Also, I never realized the elderly are also at risk. I will now be aware of this and be conscience of this in terms of my elderly relatives. This was an excellent podcast.
The interview with Mara Sproul was excellent! I learned a lot about the quality of care at RUSK for patients with concussions. It is clear that Mrs. Sproul, along with the other staff at NYU, are knowledgable about current research and truly care about providing the best outcome for their patients.
Excellent!! Clearly explained the role of the nurse leader as coordinator, advocate and navigator.
This podcast shows how Rusk Musculoskeletal Center is at the cutting edge of research and technology.
Thoughtful stories and perspectives on rehabilitation medicine, and the growth of Rusk Rehab Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center. Add to your podcast queue!
Great content. Very conversational and an easy listen.
Excellent podcast. Unique in its series. Provides insightful information in a dynamic and entertaining environment. The interviewer does an excellent job!


Excellent discussions on a wide rnge of rehab topics. Really terrific!
The interviewer conducts a dynamic conversation with the guests that makes the sessions interesting and engaging. Great topics of relevance in the health arena.
This podcast demonstrate the excellent service that Rusk provides to the community. I will certainly follow it. The questions are excellent.
Guided by the interviewer excellent questions, listeners have an extraordinary opportunity to pull back the curtain and find out what is happening in one of the world's foremost rehabilitation centers.
Excellent and informative content provided. Highlights important information on the field of PM&R!
I listen to it on my way to work. Very useful and educational. Great questions.
The poignant questions combined with the follow-up comments enhanced the quality of each interviewee responses. Great job!
This an excellent podast, insightful and educational. Thank you for the effort.
The idea of having a podcast series on Rehabilitation is excellent. The quality of the interviews and the selection of the topics are also noteworthy. Very useful. Thank you
Rusk's Center for Musculoskeletal Care is the best outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation department out there!
This podcast series provides the views of skilled professionals in the area of rehabilitation. It is extremely valuable and timely. Thank you.
This podcast series provides a behind-the-scenes look at how highly skilled health care rehabilitation personnel consider what is essential in treating patients with complex medical problems.
These interviews provide exceptionally useful information about how researchers and clinicians furnish health care of the highest quality.
Having gone through rehab at Rusk, I can speak to how important it is. The staff there are lovely and my family felt welcome and cared for. It is a top-notch rehab center and I am excited to learn more about the research and people that make it run!
Great to see Rusk highlighted
Excelent podcast. Very educational and usefull
I've been a fan of Dr Elwood for countless years---he;s always been on the cutting edge and has always been an all star in every one of his endeavors!
A great variety of topics and important views on healthcare today.
Thanks for taking us behind the scenes at Rusk, very impressive how much is happening there. It's always nice to hear the voices behind the care!
Great learning tool. I enjoy the podcast which is very entertaining and educational. Thank you.
Useful and educational. Thank you for the effort.
RUSK Insights on Rehabilitation Medicine is a useful way to transfer useful and needed nformation to thousands of users--patients and doctors as well as others interested in the field. Great idea.
In brief interviews, this podcast series provides useful educational information on rehabilitation medicine. The podcast is insightful and well done.
The interviews and questions and insightful and engaging. Great job!
It was a great idea to have a podcast on RUSK Rehabilitation Medicine and on the work done at RUSK. This is very useful and welcome.
We welcome the addition of the RUSK Rehabilitation Podcast series as it will provide visibility to an area of health care that is overlooked and also share useful information with patients and pofessionals.
This podcast provides with useful information to strengthen my studies on rehabilitation and broaden my knowledge on a variety of additional topics.
Excellent questions and interviews. Very interesting and informative.
Top of the line interviews and excellent format.
This podcast provides an innovative approach to share useful and important information with all levels of people affected and interested in rehabilitation including professionals in the area.
The information contained in this podcast is extremely valuable for students and junior staff at RUSK or any other medical center.
This podcast highlights important issues on rehabilitation that are relevant to patients and health care providers.
Love it. Great topics and interviews on a very relevant health area.
These interviews provide useful information on a very important health topic that needs more visibility.