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Is good
This podcast is a great source for waiver wire pickups and starts and sits
Love this podcast. The Saturday night/Sunday morning Instant Reaction pod is one of my favorites across all sports. If you are a football fan of any type this podcast is for you.
I've been listening to the welsh and Bogman the last two season and now I'm looking to 3 peat in my league they provide valuable information in a entertaining forma.
Best informal / entertaining sports Podcast out there! I don’t even like college sports, I just listen to these guys. Listen to their other podcast for Baseball, Basketball, Football, Minor League Baseball, etc.
In this league is an awesome podcast. Great content and advice for your fantasy league!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Where beating your FIP is a good thing!
I aways casually watched CF, but I've been listening and I'm looking forward to this season more than any other
I only started playing college fantasy a couple years ago, and stumbled onto this podcast last year. Guess who won the league last year? That's right, this guy. Coincidence, or are these guys that good? This is a great podcast for those looking to get into college fantasy football, or those looking to sharpen their skills. Coming from NFL fantasy to college was a bit tricky, but this podcast helped me navigate the hundreds of players and scores of schools.
ITL are the best in the fantasy sports business, and this podcast is no exception. Blake and Blase provide solid college analysis while Bogman brings ITL production standards and entertainment to the show. This is a growing sport with little content out there to help you compete in your leagues. Start here.
A must for anyone in college fantasy football. Unlike the pros, not a lot for college fantasy football out there. These guys are great
Great podcast. Great concept. Knowledgable analysts. Get in early on these guys bc College Fantasy is taking off and these are the guys to guide you through the season. 5 stars all the way.
I had been looking for a more in-depth college football show, not one that just focused on the top teams. You guys do a great job and give great insight with your breakdowns and previews.
I've never been able to find a podcast like this one that gives you so much information for the yearly leagues and still gives me enough knowledge to play dfs. A must listen for every college football fan
This is a great podcast here. Top notch guys-just wish they would use more flow language but, that just me. If you like winning then here you go!
The most detailed, in-depth college fantasy football analysis you'll find out there. With so much turnover in college their knowledge of depth charts and recruits is second to none. Keep up the great work!


By Loc85
Hard to find good analysis for fantasy college football. This site provides above and beyond expectations! Also provides humor which is lacking in some fantasy podcasts.
Everytime a new podcast comes out, I always get excited. Great job with all the conference previews so far. Entertaining and informing!
Very detailed, great debate. So much fun!
Well produced... Listen to the baseball podcast also... Not sure if your podcast leagues are still open but I want in. @tonyivie on twitter
I started listening to these guys several months ago for baseball and have continued to do so throughout the football season. They're very dedicated and present the important materials in a fun manner. It took me a couple of episodes to get used to the drops but they've really grown on me.
This one-of-a-kind College Fantasy Football Podcast gives the growing CFF community an opportunity to stretch its wings even further. Bogman, Blake and Blase continue to impress week after week, and I encourage them to bring in bigger and better guests as the pre-season and 2015 season progress. Great work thus far Gentlemen, continue to produce and provide the great information you are generating here for all CFF players!
Awesome podcast. Must listen for any CFFB player and, given the knowledge and insight of the hosts, any college football fan! Keep up the good work!
Man yall are AMAZING. You guys are AWESOME!! You guys should be on TV. I can't wait to hear more and get more behind the scene info on players to help me win a college fantasy league. You guys are MY MVP!
Good to finally have a college fantasy podcast. I've been playing college fantasy football for 6 years now. I was wondering if anyone would do a podcast. Great job on being one of the first. They give you some basic info. But if your not a guru like myself then this podcast will give you a lot of tips. I do not like some of the fowl language that sometimes gets thrown out. But overall I have to say good job! Thanks, The Real Fantasy Guru
I love each and every episode and it's really helping me reconceptualize college football vs. fantasy NFL - @somethingabtftb