The Eisenstein Effect

Reviews For The Eisenstein Effect

This is a great podcast that looks into the lives of some really amazing people in the improv world. Great interview style.
I've never bothered to leave a review for a podcast before, but I just had to for this one. Vickie's interviews are hilarious and also informative. It's very much worth your time!
Fun to listen to!! Good topics like this are so helpful. It's wonderful to hear the excitement of Vickie.
I am so much interested in every episode you have here. You’re a gem. Keep it up Vickie. - Podcast Professor Jaime
Vickie has one of the most hilarious podcasts to ever invade your earholes! Recommendation: wear a diaper cause you might piss yourself from laughing so hard.
O man! One of the best entertainment podcasts.... no, THE best entertainment podcast I listen too! Love it and the intervies are so awesome! Feels like hanging out with semi sober people in my living room!
Cute, sweet and interesting
I love this podcast! Vickie Eisenstein is a fantastic host. She does a wonderful job making her guests be at ease. This is becoming one of my favorite podcasts.
Love her energy.
Vickie is such a joy to listen to! What a great, entertaining personality! Terrific guests, very engaging interviews! I can't wait 'til the next podcast!
My husband and I look forward to every podcast! Simply the best, absolutely hilarious! Vickie is so funny and her interviews are top notch , with great guests!
Finally a show i can feel connected to!
Great interviewer and fun guests!
I love listening to this on the way to work! Vickie is so funny. I love her videos on YouTube and am a huge fan!
Vickie is so witty and engaging; plus, her guests are incredibly interesting! I love her YouTube video interviews and it's great to hear the full audio on this podcast! I'm a loyal listener!
Mana from heaven in podcast form. 10/10 would listen to on commute again.
Vickie is one of the funniest personalities around! Top notch podcast. Highly recommended by someone who knows podcasts!
I'm living for these pdcast!!
Super fun to watch and worth the time!!