Life's A Binge

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Great concept for a show and the hosts take it to the next level. I binge eat and binge drink, now I binge this show as well!
Listening to the Hamilton episode as I prepare to see the show here in a few weeks! Loved the episode. Definintely looking forward to hearing so much more!!!
This show is awesome. It’s a great idea for a show. Plus! The hosts are super entertaining! Keep up the great work!
BJ and Jarrod have very good repore with each other. Nice podcast. Look forward to hearing more.
This is an update from my one star review earlier. Before this week, I much preferred episodes of Life Moves Pretty Fast. I'd even listen to reruns of their podcast before I threaded water into a new episode of this podcast. However, since they've added Mike "Biz" Bissett to the show, from the aforementioned juggernaut, it's so much better. I can't recommend these idiots enough. #inhales
BJ and Jarrod are awesome. They chat about TV, movies, sports, and a lot more. They're relatable, they're good for a laugh, and their guests are fun (some day I'd like to be a guest-"hink hink, wint wint"). Subscribe. You won't regret it. I've listened from the beginning and I still look forward to it every week. I've never missed an episode!
These two are very funny and easy to listen to, unlike so many other podcasts. Definitely worth subscribing!
Love this podcast. Waiting for them to do The Last Ship.
Great fun. Lots of rib meat to nibble on. There's also a sense of joy about listening to these two guys talk about fun things. Cool whip delight!
Always something interesting to listen to. These guys definitely know their tv...
It's a great podcast.
These guys are great fun to listen to. They always have a good conversation and usually have a fun guest or two. Keep it up!
These two hosts are great together. It’s really cathartic to talk about those shows that you binged on and this podcast makes me feel like I’ve been a participant in that conversation.
These are two guys (and others) that are just plain fun to listen to. I'll take more please!
Great idea for a pod cast. Funny stuff and there are lots of BJs on the show...