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I enjoy this podcast. The host keeps the conversation to the topic of the film or whatever theme they’re highlighting. The rapport between the people on the podcast is good and the discussion is intelligent and rooted in film principles and entertainment value. One star off for crazy sporadic publishing schedule. You’re lucky if they make one episode every 2-3 months.
Unbelievable content, detail and expressionism. Amazing podcast. We desis in the US are grateful to have this provision provided to keep informed on our country's best export
The main host usually seems to be informed on what he's talking about, but some of his cohosts are not. Just this past episode, one of them was complaining about a certain actress' size, and how she refuses to even watch the trailers for this actress' movies because her size upsets her. I just found this to be really unprofessional and archaic. I can't believe this is what Bollywood fans are focused on these days. Instead of hoping for great acting and compelling stories, have we become so shallow that all we want to see are malnourished light skinned faces prancing around the movie screen? Another thing that I've noticed is that the cohosts rarely bother doing their homework about the week's topics or movies. Sometimes it almost seems like they're there to fan the main host's ego.