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Reviews For Fitness Candor Podcast

Wide array of topics covered related to health and wellness. Eric does a great job at finding professionals from various occupations to bring value to the listener. Well worth your time to listen!
Eric is super genuine about his passion to help others. Great guests providing knowledge on many topics with real life application! It's tough to see through the fluff in the industry and Eric provides a guiding light.
Eric is one of the most engaging, and awesome guys that I have ever worked with. He truly is interested in giving back to the industry and sacraficing time and energy to bring these amazing guests onto his show. Go ahead and susbcribe already!
Eric has a knack for getting high quality guests on his show and I am honored to be one of them! His enthusiasm for learning and being an active vessle in the field is top notch! Keep it up!
I love what Eric is doing with the Fitness Candor Podcast. It not only charges coaches up to be better at what they do but it also brings awareness to the tremendous value our field brings to the table. In a profession that has a culture of us against them, it's exciting to see someone push back and unite the industry. Thanks for investing your time and effort into this, Eric!


By Ijaydee
Great podcast and I listen to it weekly. You can expect insightful information from knowledgeable leaders in the fitness industry!
Eric does a nice job of finding knowledgable guests from diverse backgrounds to create engaging, informative interviews. Great podcast to listen to for fitness enthusiests and pros alike!
Had the opportunity to be on the podcast and Eric and I had an awesome conversation! He is easy and fun to talk to. He is doing big things and I am glad to be apart of it. Keep it up Eric! Thank you for doing this, you're awesome!
Eric is real and the content on this podcast is spot on! Highly recommend it for anybody wanting to cut through the crap in the health and fitness space!
Eric is adding great content the social media platform, if you want exposure to great content it won't waste your time.
Eric is a great host. I loved the energy he brought to the interview. The questions were right on point with tackling key points to talk about and what to express about fitness and owning your own company. He is doing great things with this podcast and love seeing who is on next every week.
Fitness Candor is smart, informative, and lively. Eric continually books and interviews knowlegable guests, experts in the fields of strength training, fitness, and other health-related topics. Always positive and upbeat. Do yourself (and your body) a favor and subscribe.
Eric's passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge about fitness and strength training set him apart from the pack. Great Podcast!
I've been listening to Eric and his guests for a few months now and I am extremely happy I found this podcast. I am an avid listener to all sorts of podcasts relating to fitness, business and personal development. Eric does an amazing job interviewing iconic people who are leaders of their industry. These are the people we should want to hear and learn from. I love Eric's work ethic and drive to help others. Great show to add to your list!


By SAB4949
Great information, enjoyable and all around great continuing Education opportunity!
Great resource for those seeking information pertaining to the sports performance/strength & conditioning/fitness industries.
Eric is spreading great knowledge and sharing information from a variety of guests to help elevate the industry!