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Came for the Drucker, stayed for The Dweck.
I love the sociopolitical commentary; glad to hear from sharp people who follow the goings-on so closely since sometimes it feels too bleak to engage. It’s also a great peek into the lives/careers of comedy writers in real time.


By HuJo742
💨It's pretty fackin solid. Makes my drives dahn tahn easy.💨
I enjoy listening to the interviews and have learned about a lot of interesting people. Unfortunately, Mike and Jess repeatedly bring up our current political state. This can become tiresome as all they seem to do is beat the dead horse that Trump is a terrible person and should exist. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of Trump, but I feel that what has happened has happened and there is no use harping on a President that we are stuck with for the next 4 years.
I love this podcast. Jess and Mike have a great dynamic and somehow every episode manages to be funny yet insightful. Even if an episode isn't great, I know I can depend on Mike Drucker's laugh to crack me up. Keep on keepin' on y'all!
Consistently funny and great hosts
This show will teach you how to be a floating spec in this world that is Horton Hears a Who.
Tons of goofs, gaffs,spoofs, and laughs in every episode. Great guests and Jersey specfic references.
I want this podcast to be higher recognized, so I'm adding to the 5 star reviews
Heard about this podcast on JTops' podcast (Tomorrow) and thought I would check this one out. 12 hours later I'm on my 13th episode...
Love the podcast! Get the Comedy Button on here as guest!
love it
I recently started listening to this podcast and burned through all the episodes in a week. I love the conversations, banter, and jokes. Also, fun and interesting topics and guests. I’m now a big fan of Mike Drucker and Jess Dweck. Keep up the great work guys.
Both hosts are hilarious and you actually pick up helpful tips on life :)
Mike Drucker and Jess Dweck host a great podcast that is both funny and informative. While the titles of the episodes give you a basic idea what the pod is about, it's always way more than what the title suggests. Mike and Jess get the stories that matter from their guests, play a fun game with them, and ask the kind of questions you might ask. I also love when Jess forgets to remember what she learned at the end of each episode.
Incredibly funny hosts and a lot of interesting guests who make the people on the late night shows actually funny.
Great podcast. I listen to every episode and learn a lot from Mike, Jess and their guests. I want to write comedy for TV and in addition to making me laugh, they share their experiences, some ridiculous how-to info and give me hope. And I have a crush on Jess. I know, that’s a little creepy. But I’m gonna through caution to the place where caution goes and let that information loose on the internet. I’m just a Lonely Jewish Comic, trying to find my path . Sure, there might be others, and when they write a nice review, you can focus on them. For now, let’s discuss me and my future. Who wants to read my pilot about an alien magician who’s misunderstood by his own people? You read this far, what’s another 60 pages? Fine, be that way. Does anyone have a contact at Amazon? Hulu? OK, Vimeo it is. And don’t worry, I don’t hold grudges. That is, I plan to stop. It’s really not productive use of my energy. I should put that emotion into my writing. Thanks, thanks for talking. It helps, a little. Let’s get coffee. Or a smoothie. Just text, or leave a message, whatever. If you want to. I don’t really care, I know everyone’s got a lot on their plate right now. We should really focus on defeating Drumpf. This LJC can put his needs aside, for the sake of the greater good, and for people who never speak in the third person. Friend me on Facebook! OK?
Between Jess’ deadpan nature and Mike’s over-the-top, ridiculous laugh, sits a funny as hell podcast. Definitely worth a subscribe.
Jess and Mike are outstanding podcast hosts: very funny and also genuinely curious and engaging with guests. The format allows guests to show off a different side of themselves in what amounts to a really entertaining show. Highly recommended.
This podcast feels like a hug. I don't get a lot of hugs so this podcast helps with feeling a hug.
Dweck and Drucker are not only hilarious, they're also quite compelling interviewers.
Dweck & Drucker are the hosts of this podcast which looks into the lives of fellow comedy writers and performers who each already know a part of how to be a person. Hijinx ensue. I love it.
I've listened to this podcast everyday for the last 2 weeks. Mike and Jess feel like they're my friends. If you like funny conversations with writers and comedians you should listen.
Love this podcast. The hosts are not only hilarious but also intelligent and thoughtful, lending the podcast a refreshing sincerity. Jess Dweck is a modern day Daria.
Can't wait for more
Other than Jess insisting on never remembering to learn anything, her and Drucker have quickly mastered the art of hosting a podcast. Each week, they somehow keep improving an already great show and bringing in new delightful funny and interesting guests!
I found a spiritual home inside Jess Dweck's brain like a friendly toxoplasmotic parasite. And her voice, my god, it's like a freakin unicorn sliding down a double-rainbow. Jess I LOVE YOU. And then there's Mike. Yes. Mike is great too. Always funny, kind, and ready to shatter your eardrums with his 320dB laugther. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the best podcast in the game right now. Listen and learn. 5/5 stars.
But like legit, this is one of the funniest things I have ever listened to. I cannot get enough of it.
Can't wait for more
5 stars for Mike and Jess! You guys constantly make me laugh and this is my new thing to listen to every time I get in the car
This podcast is funny. And considering I like to laugh, I feel obligated to give it [the podcast] five stars. Yes!
This is the most fun podcast - I mean it! Their awesome pesonalities and chemsitry allow me to feel like I'm sitting right there with them in the apartment, joining in on the conversation and randomness. Their guests are just as fun. It makes me wish I had something interesting to teach them!
Really fantastic, love the chemistry. Quickly ascended into my favorite podcasts.
This is a good show. I love the hosts. I’ve been a fan of Mike’s stuff since he was writing for IGN and Jess is super funny. Glad to have a new show to look forward to every week!
Can't wait for more!
Can't wait for more. I learn much.