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Would’ve given it 4 Stars for the 4 Star Dragon Ball but this podcast is so fantastic that I had to give it a 5. I’ve recently started binging through these episodes and I’ve gotta say that these people know all the in and outs of Dragon Ball and I’ve definitely learned a lot about the show because of this podcast. Keep up the good work Kanzenshuu!
There are plenty of Dragon Ball-themed podcasts, but the Kanzenshuu one is the most informed. The guys that run Kanzenshuu know more about Dragon Ball than most, and they present their educated takes on the manga, the show, the games, and other informative topics in each episode. They tend to focus almost exclusively on the Japanese version, but there are episodes discussing aspects of the dub, both positive and negative. This is worth a listen for any Dragon Ball fan.
Amazing knowledge, personalities, and ability to discuss. Even if you only consider yourself a casual fan, just listening to this will increase your desire to learn more!
Very informative and fun
One of my favorite things is dragonball, I considered myself an expert until I found this podcast. Mike and friends have a vast knowledge of all things Akira Toriyama! The only downside is that they don't post as often as I'd like and aren't consistent. hopefully this is something that can be fixed
It has been 3 years since I first found this podcast when I was going for a seminar for one of the military academies. Since then, I have been subscribed to this podcast (well, three times since I had an iPod and a nano back then). It has been a joyous ride and I could only imagine if I started in 2005 when the journey of Mike, Meri, and Julian began. I am so grateful that it has almost been 10 years and you guys are going strong. Things may have changed over time (i.e. The name, the themed music, the site, etc.) but it is the same beloved podcast. And the best thing about it, all of the episodes are still intact! Not many podcasts are able to keep all of them on the internet for so long like you guys. Keep up the amazing work, and I hope to see you guys still doing this for another 10 years.
I've grown up with people who also like Dragonball Z. Everyone knows who Goku is. But I have always felt like I'm among a few who share my level of passion toward this manga. The guys share the same passion, and they care about every aspect of it. From Dragonball to Dragonball GT, from having a conversation about Kikuchi's score over Yamamoto's...the Kanzenshuu cast is formed by true fans, and every episode is a delight. Leave it to a very talented group of people to make an engaging and interesting show about a series that has been over for almost 30 years.
Everything is great, i love the hosts and content!! Only thing bad is that they have not had a new podcast in weeks!! :(
If you love anything Dragon Ball related you will love this podcast. Period. Listen to it!
I've been listening to them since the very first episode and was a frequent visitor to the website and contributor to the forums! This is the best Dragon Ball podcast ever! If you love Dragon Ball, need to keep up with the news of the Dragon World, love intriguing discussions of Dragon Ball, this is your podcast!
I'm listening to episode 2 now and you are great. You get to the point and correct info you hear that's wrong. Keep it up. Awesomeness- over 9000!!!!!!!
This is my brothers favorite
Best db podcast


Best podcast ever
that is awwesome
I consider myself a bit of a podcast connoisseur, and DaizenshuuEX is definitely the most weekly content reliable, and entertaining amateur podcast I've yet to enjoy. I say Amateur not as a slight to the quality of the program, but simply do to the fact that this is run personally by a great host and fun friends along-side. They far exceed the greater percentage of similar podcasts anywhere, and are a real authority on the news and information of Dragonball. All for the enjoyment of smart fans. 5/5
Best podcast ever!
A W E S O M E !!!
These vídeos aré so awsome
The title (almost) says it all. I follow several very professional and widely exposed Podcasts, and this ranks right up there in terms of quality. While the subject is more specific than, say, science or history, Mike and Meri make it a very fun and reqarding listening experience. I've been following on-and-off for years and have listened to 95% of the episodes and each one has been great. You guys keep my long-time fandom and love for the international version of Dragonball thriving. I hope to see at least 5 more years from you!
Mike does a brilliant job setting up the podcast week after week; I love the guests he always invites and the topics are very interesting. This podcast got me back into the DBZ franchise when I'd forgotten about it long ago. :) Any old or new DBZ fan will appreciate their hard work! Other "anime" related podcasts could really take a lesson at how to be professional like this!
Mike, Meri, Julian, and Jeff and who ever eles is on inform you on what is going on in the world of Dragonball world and keep you smiling along the way. Best podcast for us dragonball fans!
Im loving it and cant wait to go back and listen to all the DB goodness i have missed!
Put quite plainly, if you enjoy any part of the Dragon Ball franchise, you should subscribe to this podcast. It is hands down the best of the best. You'll have the latest news, information, insight, and so much more. It is very professionally done, funny, insightful, and a must have to make it through the work week. Do yourself a favor, subscribe now!
I've been listening to this podcast for a while, and thought I should finally leave a review. The reviews are well thought out, the hosts are interesting, clear, and funny, and the news is current. This is an entertaining podcast that's fun to listen to and also informative for current dragonball news! Very recommended!
This podcast i swear is like the best you'll ever hear in the ENTIRETY OF YOUR LIFE!!! Mike is pretty much God. Mari is God's wife and Julian is Julian. Nuff said. Subscibe. WAY worth it!
This is most definately the best Dragonball Podcast ever! They discuss everything, without being biased!
What is up with the Web site? I'm jonesing thanks to the exceeding of bandwith. Mike, Julian, Meri, I love the podcast. Bring it back.
Absolutley amazing! Listen as these DBZ fans talk about the best show on the planet. Very professional and funny, DBZ fanatics look no furthur.
wow this podcast is the greatest thing i have listened to in a while. Great job Mike,Meri and julian
Yes! now I know that there is a reliable source for DBZ fanboys! Thank you Julian, Marie, and Vegetto ex joo h4\/3 /\/\4|> |>8z s|<1llz5!:)
This is an amazing podcast. It not only covers the English/American dubs, but it also goes over the original mangas, etc. It simply does everything. I simply enjoy listening to this podcast and it prompted me to visit their website. Trust me, go there and give it a look, it is a fantastic site. Great Job VegettoEX (Mike), Julian, and Meri! Keep em coming and I hope this podcast NEVER ends
This is actually the first podcast I've ever listened to, and so far, the only one that I still subscribe to! Unlike most of the other podcasts I've heard online, this one is actually done in a very professional manner. As host Mike always mentions, he actually writes out an outline before recording. Also, their information is clear, to the point, and most important of all, accurate! However, the cast isn't so professional that it makes the podcast boring. Each of the cast members has their own sense of humor to keep the podcast lively, which is always a good thing, but not to the point that it's one of those annoying radio shows. To sum it up, for those of you who are major DragonBall fans, this podcast will give you all the facts you are looking for for free. But also not that some of their language would give the podcasts a TV-14 rating if it were aired on TV.
This podcast is awesome!! They discuss DBZ and the pronounciation of some of the words and phrases and state new and important facts taking place in the DragonBall world. I hope it goes on forever!!! Good luck and great job Vegetto EX, Julian, and Meri!!!!!!!!!!