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These podcasts might contain good information but the AI reading is way too distracting.
The information was great but the narrator’s voice was a monotone and her pronunciation was bad. I just cringed listening to it
Content is good. Unfortunately, I spend more time focused on the bad pronunciation and robot voice than I do absorbing the content.
Love the short quick and informative information. The computerized voice however is less than engaging; especially for my boys who are in middle school. We love history but this is uninteresting due to computerized voice. Would love to see the podcast dropped a little earlier in the morning so we can listen before school.
Oh for gods sake! Inform yourself about American Indian place names! Manassas!
They need to work on getting the intro to the same volume as the episode
Love this little automated podcast. Must admit the computerized reader does occasionally provide an unintended moment of humor with pronunciation, but never to the point that it makes the story unintelligible. The point is to be reminded/informed about an event in history, and it does that with no problem.
straightforward fix of history to get the day started.
Love listening to these little bites of history! The show notes are a great way to get more info on topics that interest you. Keep it up!
Love this for a random overview of events across the ages. Great description of the characters and historical perspective. A daily download.
Great quick listen for my morning commute. One of the better sounding computer voices out there imo, although like all computer voices it can be a bit monotone at times. Still, I have no trouble understanding it and in the end I learn something new related to the day! Best part about this is I can get my quick history fix everyday of the year. There are no days off when a computer does the work!
I love this app! It's sweet, simple, and gives you a brief history of each and every day :) I listen to this everyday and feel more informed. There are even links to the source, so that's awesome!
The information provided is interesting and accurate, unfortunately the computerized reader makes the podcast unintelligible much of the time. Computerized readers are notoriously bad at interpreting punctuation, failing to pause when a pause is required, pausing when a pause is not needed, and reading text that a human reader knows should be skipped. The synthesized female voice with a British accent isn't a problem, however a British accent for U.S. history is a little odd. I would like to give the podcast a high rating but because of the unintelligible computerized reading I give it a low rating.