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My girlfriend is Taiwanese and this June we are heading out to Taichung for a month. I asked her to find some educational material for me about Taiwan and how it's like there. She came across WuiT and we both love it! I myself am from Poland but I've been living in the US for over 14 years now. This show will introduce me to my future second home! Keep up the great work! *****
After listening the last couple shows, I downloaded all the previous shows, and listened to them all. The conversations/interviews are fast moving and fun. Keep up the good work, guys!
If you are looking for good info from expat's in Taiwan, you will find it here. Every episode I have listened to is insightful, interesting, and lot's of fun. I look forward to every update. If you have visited Taiwan or have interest in Taiwan as a foreigner, you will enjoy this podcast. If you do business in Taiwan, this podcast will help you. If you ever want to visit Taiwan on holiday, this podcast is essential.
The host introduces Taiwan by interviewing foreigners in Taiwan and let the listeners know the impressions they have during their stay in Taiwan. Interesting perspective and great interviews! The interviews are broad and profound as well as sincere and full of knowledge. 100% worth listening!
The liveliness of the interviews is compelling. We don't know enough about this fascinating island and its culture. I enjoy the different stories and varieties of people/careers/hobbies. If you have an interest in new Chinese culture, take a listen.
I don't remember how I found the host blog and podcast. After I downloaded and listened to several episodes, I really love it! On the top of all, the show of "What's Up in Taiwan" is fun to listen. The host is funny, the conversation with the guest is sincere and casual, and each segment is short (~15 min). So it's stress free to listen to the podcasting in every aspect. For the content, it's great. The show is about interviewing with international people living in or visiting Taiwan for different reasons, either for a long term or only for a short time. They talk about their personal experience, good or not-so-good, about Taiwan. I'm a Taiwanese student studying in the US for more than 6 years. I remember the culture shock when I came to the US for the first time. I'm familiar the excitement and confusion about seeing the different things and facing the frustrated situations. I know how good it is to make connection with people more or less different from you. I know how good it is to feel yourself adapted to a new environment. And this is exactly what you can find in this WUIT podcast. It is not the stereotype presented from TV or movies, which can only be misleading. And only these little trivial things, good or not-so-good, and these personal perceptions, enjoyable or not so, can reflect the true life of a foreign country. To me, this 'foreign country' happens to be my beloved homeland. This podcast reminds me a lot of Taiwan that I almost forget. And yes, that is the true Taiwan that foreign people probably can seldom learn from the mainstream sources. I recommend this podcast to everyone who wants to learn more about Taiwan, to travel to Taiwan, or to just see the true color of living in an Asian country far far away. And of course, I recommend this podcast to every Taiwanese away from home. Believe me, you'll like the show!
This is one of the best Taiwanese podcasts I have ever found. The host uses a very hilarious way to introduce the dynamics and culture of this beautiful island. What makes this podcast more valuable is that the host interviews foreigners who have been here for a long time, providing a vivid yet "naked" image of what Taiwan has to offer. Highly recommended.