Reviews For The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast

I’ve been a consistent follower of these guys for the past 3 football seasons and they are great to listen to every week with helpful picks and hilarious commentary. I recommend this podcast anybody looking for a laugh some extra money in their pocket.
Love the show, but lordy Stuck, UMASS? I know DIII teams that would give them the works. Keep up the great show but dear lord keep U-Mass out of it! Very sincerely, Bryce from Indiana (@b_Freaky13 on Twitter)
The minutemen gave it to me good again...
Why oh why did we bet Umass? This is a fun and informative podcast, great for the degen in all of us. Come for the breakdowns, stay for the voicemails!
You guys are great! Keep it up!!
Although Stuckey made me play the “undependent ” UMASS holes again (and I’m sure the dreaded take will pop up in the notifications when they see Marshall now), this app is the best around for all my sports fixes. I don’t know how I survived before this, keeping track of all plays, having them all documented by unit size and the best part is following proven cappers I have grown to trust over so many different sports. It’s a great app to feel connected to data driven analysis and articles and to organize all your action in one place. And it continues to get better and better with improvements across the board (love the live tennis)!


By 2021me
Why did we bet UMASS


Why did Stuckey make us bet Umass? The game for the St Augustus school for the short and blind wasn’t lined? All joking aside these guys kill it. Easily one of my favorite pods that exist Cheers
This podcast is a must-listen for all sport bettors. Great insight to all games. The voicemail segment is one of my favorites. Thanks for giving great advice and doing the hard work for me. But Stuckey... UMASS? Cmon man
Why did Stuckey bet UMass +31? Simply because he’s a drunk and a degenerate. Please make a compilation clip of all the Stuckey drunk call ins for our entertainment. Lastly size XL for the hoodie please.
Best podcast in the biz. They’ll feed you winners to help cover your umass losses.
If you bet on sports these guys are a must listen! Amazing advice for free and the app is phenomenal as well. 10/10 recommend
Matt Mitchell is awesome!!!
Better than all the rest. Football, basketball, Golf - doesn’t matter. Action covers all thee sports in a way that no one else can. Love these guys!
I’ve seriously won a considerable amount of money using the info found on the Action Network app along with listening to the insights from the numerous members of the Action Network on their podcast. Highly recommended!!!
These guys are consistently winning bets and providing great info for those who look for it. I make sure to listen to every single one of these. @crittyb7
#1 podcast out there for sports bettors! The cfb intro gets you in the mood for the season, which we all need so badly right now. Love the format—fun, but also really love the metrics and news (and its impacts) Twitter: @coolwhip34
Love the insight provided by Stuck and Collin Wilson! @AJH740
Ole Miss to have the best ATS record in the SEC - they were good last year ATS and Lane is always very aware of the line


By Dmd221
Great info and analysis every week.
These guys put out out a good show! Appreciate all the work you guys put into the show to develop deep and well thought out analysis! A must listen if you want the scoop on guys to target this season. They bring in lots of awesome analysts which provide excellent analysis for to the show.
Peter and Jason deliver professional takes that include actionable information each week from DFS and sportsbetting perspectives.
Matt Mitchell continues to be the greatest podcast producer on the face of the earth. Also the content is good. Thanks.
Elite pod. Great stuff rate. Keep up the great work boys 🐘


i finally learned why the A’s are associated with elephants. well worth it. 🐘🐘
I’ve written it before but would like to add this. Since the pandemic I’ve hit six golf outright winners. Zero percent chance it happens without this amazing golf team. And that’s the tip of the ice berg. The whole team is amazing. The best period in the industry. Thanks everyone!!