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All the feels in that first one. Great new format, production quality, stories.


By nickpia
This is the best podcast in the game. Great topics, great hosts. On my must-listen list.
Love the revamped Drop Zone format! Very cool to hear untold stories in the golf world and get new, in-depth insight on stories I *thought* I knew about already.
Golf needs more of this, period. Sean and Dylan have the kind of rapport one looks for in podcast hosts. These guys know the game and they bring a youthful perspective to any golf topic, past or present. Knowledgeable, unique, smart and fun....if you have any interest in golf whatsoever, give this a listen!
That was easily one of my favorite episodes of this podcast. Sounds like an incredibly smart, interesting and thoughtful guy. Well done to Sean for asking really good questions too.
If I could somehow convince my two funniest friends to sit around and discuss golf over nachos and Arnold Palmers with me for hours on end it would sound like Sean and Dylan from The Drop Zone.
Best pod out on golf, bar none.
Beeping out cuss words is so brutal and hard to listen to and understand what’s going on. Put an unedited version out
Just bring in Shipnuck for a regular insider pod....with and without guests.
The away game is not the Drop Zone. We want the Drop Zone. The away game should not be on the Drop Zone page.
The content is great but I always end up having to turn it up to full volume to hear anything on the highway.
Love the show especially Shipnuck but disappointed that Sean Zak feels it necessary to drop F-bombs. Let’s keep it professional fellas.
Alan Shipnuck is corny and the interviews are boring. He’s super arrogant.


If you love idiots, You’ve found your show.


By M Fore!
Shipnuck and Bamby's post-tournament recaps are excellent!


No one cares about Shipnuck's political leanings.
Sean Zak's interview with Andy Dillard was fantastic - the story of Dillard's blistering 6 straight birdies to open his first round at the US Open was insane. Thanks for bringing to light a story I've never heard until tuning into your podcast. Safe to say, I'll be listener as long as you're putting out new content. Can't wait to hear what's next!
Great production values and even better topics. Love this - hope it continues!


All of these podcasts should be shortened 20 minutes at least. I hate the phone interviews, quality of the sound and clarity is so annoying to listen to. I love golf and appreciate the variety of topics but hard to stay interested with these.
I live and breathe golf, and I love every bit of SI content I can get my hands on , but this podcast is a major disappointment. With the talent of golf writers and the news and player accessibility at SI's disposal, to have a production such as this with SI's name on it is scary disappointing. I cringe at listening to each of these varied hosts, and a couple of them are simply unlistenable.


Loved the Augusta/Pine Valley pod. Also love the in-depth Tour insight! Those are the people we're all trying to be like. Keep up the good work.
Alan- Love the podcasts and would've enjoyed hearing Hank Haney in the most recent one. However although your audio was fine, Haney's was very, very soft - could not hear him. This happened once before and wanted to let you know.
Enjoyed Sabino's podcast as i am an old golfing buddy of his and heard his many stories. All true including his handicaps! He related the story of my friend Alan playing Augusta as his first time playing, all true! Have preordered the book and will now go to his website to challenge him to a re match at my club, Jerico National in New Hope All the best to John, a worthwhile book that can help us golf course dreamers, he did it!