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Really enjoying these interviews
Always a great listen! Ryan is V entertaining!
Very great content. Guests and ryan have outstanding rapport
Ryan is funny and engaging with the guests! Love his style and a great listen. Also - audio seems fine to me
I just listened to the Ryan Ruocco episode. It sounded like something recorded in a windowless room about 50 feet away from a microphone. How can multiple reviews over the years point out the poor audio quality and it still not be fixed?! Also, I’m sure the host is a nice guy, but man is he awkward! His speech pattern and cadence makes the questions seem almost off-putting. It’s hard to describe, but it’s just hard to listen to. Potential is there with a more polished presentation and better audio quality
Good information, good guests, good length.
The guests and subjects are interesting, but Ryan needs to work on his interviewing technique. He is a little clunky and somewhat unprofessional - interrupts the guests’ to either try and correct them, or to make his own point. Occassionally the listener also gets to hear a sneeze or cough. Cheap advice - Relax, let the guest speak and then give your take. Allow the guest interrupt you - they are why the listener is listening, right? And one of the last things I want to hear when listening with headphones is a host sneezing/coughing. This could be a really good podcast, so hopefully Ryan will get better as this goes forward. 08/18 Saw Stugotz was a guest, so I thought I would give this another chance. Still disappointing. Do you ever listen to your own podcast? For the love of God, man! Get off the speaker phone, get a better room to conduct the interviews in - something that has way better acoustics. You have guests that are professionals that can give you advice on how to get set up so you sound like a professional. It was three years between attempts to listen to this podcast. There will be no third try.
Sounds like the host is 50 feet away from a microphone. Came here to listen to Stugotz, but audio is so bad I turned it off.
I literally thought this podcast was a joke. The second part of the nick wright interview was ridiculous. That "debate" was a complete waste of everyone's time. Good guests though!
Ryan has unique perspective one of the smartest in the business. Good guests great questions = pod worth the listen
Poor audio quality makes it unlistenable. Good guests though
Really enjoying listening to this podcast, glad I have a lot to catch up on. Recommend for anyone interested in getting a behind the scenes view from people in sports/sports media. Ryan gets some really interesting guests and asks great questions.
Pizzazz, not pizza, Glasspiegel, though I never mind it when you show off all that greazy deep dish in Chicago or whatever local cuisine you stumble across traveling for sports or life. Of course food is tough to describe taste in podcast form, the better medium for that is blog; similar to Ryan building his brand, he's already a very strong writer and really only scratching the surface on vocal capabilities. Improving his cadence in nearly every show so far, I tend to like the way Ryan methodically interviews his guests. Not to mention the impressive guest list speaks for itself. In my opinion, the podcast post-production could use some sort of musical theme and sound effects, but not to the point that it distracts from otherwise serious content.