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Reviews For Indecisive By Choice Podcast

Matt is the funniest tall civil engineer with a podcast that I’ve come across. Those two other guys aren’t so bad either.
I like listen to the stories every week. Listen to it every Thursday now.
These guys are great and they are really fun to listen to. I love all the topics they discuss, it’s basically good friends discussing stories of their past, current events, sports topics, and all the delicious beers they are drinking. I have really enjoyed the introduction of the interrupting games they are adding in.
As I had stated I would rewrite another review and give it 5 stars. I love listening to the show you guys are all hilarious and a great source of entertainment as well as up to date events in sports, news, drunk stories, etc... Bashing on Matt always makes every episode that much better. FYI Matt is no longer tolerated at work ;). Keep up the great work with these podcasts and D-man get out of Pomona.
This is by far the funniest/informative podcasts out there. These guys have great chemistry on air. You can tell that they really get along in “real life". There’s plenty of talk about beer, sports, movies, and just about any other random topic during any given episode. I tend to tune in after work, grab a beer and enjoy a great podcast. I suggest you do the same.
Who is Sam Boy? And why is Matt hosting the podcast? Longing for the times when Mikey was hosting. To quote someone I don’t know, “You would think that after 116 podcasts, Matt would be a little bit better at it.
Loving the Stories and the weekly List. Need more Sean Topics, more Dusting Stories and less Matt. Keep up the great work.
This takes me back to the day when I would carpool you to or from a movie or school activity. I loved listening to your conversations. I learned so much. The topics are more sophisticated now but I still love listening and I'm still learning. I'm so proud of you all! Keep it coming!
would listen again
I liste nto these guys not only for the comedy or the beer talk, but because they give unbiased and unfiltered news in a debateable yet humorous form unlike what you would receive from say CNN, FOX or ESPN for that matter. They discuss past,present and future and converse openly. Best way to start my thursday morning.
I have been listening to these guys for quite a while now and they put on a great show every week. A group of good friends discussing current events, beers, sports, just a hang out session with your friends centered around good times and fun stories! Listening to them is a great way to start my mornings.
I love it!! There is always good talk about great beer, the podcast reminds me of a conversation you would have with friends in a bar. It is always humorous and informative.