Reviews For The Get Paid Podcast: The Stark Reality of Entrepreneurship and Being Your Own Boss

I listen Every time a new episode comes out and some episodes I listen to more than once. This is a great podcast. Entertaining and informative! Thank you Claire for all your hard work, it is not unnoticed.
So glad a friend told me about this show! Claire is an incredible interviewer and brings on excellent guests. Seriously, she asks the specific and tactical questions that most podcasters are afraid to get into with their guests. I’m grateful for this show and the insights Claire brings! Check out the episode with Brooke Castillo. They get into the WEEDS of her business and it’s incredible!
This podcast needs to be #1 on iTunes. Seriously. It’s so so good. Claire asks SUCH good questions and is an incredible interviewer. She doesn’t waste time and gets to all the money details we all want to know. She seems to have a very good relationship with her guests because she just goes for it with the juicy questions. This is literally my new favorite podcast and I’ve been binging backwards. I cannot say enough how tangible and motivating every episode is! I’m always taking notes! Thank you Claire so much!!!!


So good! Claire asks all of the burning questions I’ve always wanted to know! Guests are amazing! So much helpful money info!!
Claire!! You rock. Your honesty is just what I need to kick me in gear so I stop letting the cheap seats win in my passion pursuits! Thanks for the insight and love applying what your share.
If you’re sick of bro marketing that promises 7-figure success in 7-minutes and want an honest look at the reality of running an online business, Claire’s podcast is a breath of fresh air. She’s sharp, insightful, and asks questions that are so good, you’ll wish YOU thought of them. If the online marketing world is Times Square, Claire’s podcast is the cool spot that only locals know about. Do yourself a favor — ignore all the shiny objects and come here instead.
Found this podcast after Claire was a guest on Strategy Hour. I very much appreciate how honest the guests are and the real questions Claire asks. I will rate this 5 stars because she does have some super interesting guests and she asks good questions that we all want answered. I do internally flinch with how she tends to respond after a guest is done recalling a great anecdote or giving some great advice (seriously, everyone I’ve listened to has said something insightful and inspirational). The reason I get uncomfortable is because I’ve come to expect the awkward pause and “wow” response from Claire before she moves on to the next question a little awkwardly. She’s not great at segways and I sense some social awkwardness that kind of disrupts the flow of the interview. I mean, I can relate - I’m not great with pleasantries and small talk and just like to get to the point. That’s kind of how Claire is when it comes to transitioning from one question to another. But still great content. 👍🏻
I found this podcast via another, and I’ve been hooked from the moment I started listening. While Claire is always fabulous, I love her intentionality of having a diverse lineup of guests. In every episode I learn something new and find myself inspired.
Claire is thoughtful, but not scripted, in these honest interviews analyzing the underbelly of successful online businesses. I love how even when she’s interviewed someone who’s story I’ve heard before there’s always some hidden backstory they’ve never shared before. New listener, new fan.
Claire is real! Her and her guest break down the truths of their business and industry, always leaving me with knowledge, inspiration and appreciative that someone out there is asking the same questions I constantly ask myself! Worth subscribing!
Love the mix of businesses and people Claire connects with in these conversations.
Hands down this is my favorite podcast! I move the raw honesty that Claire and her guest display.
Just discovered this podcast, so I’m still catching up, but I had to write a review after hearing Claire’s refreshingly honest conversation with Iczel Katz. Two brilliant women frankly discussing business, social justice, life, death? Yes, please. This is definitely not your typical entrepreneurship-focused podcast. You never know where Claire’s interviews are going to go, and I love her irreverent, bold, and insightful approach to business! Now I need to get back to binge listening.
No BS, no schmoozing, just honest talk about the real numbers, real successes and struggles. Love this podcast.
I recently discovered this podcast, and I have listened to an embarrassing number of episodes in the last week. (Seriously, I’m not even going to tell you how many.) The interviews are interesting and actually useful (unlike many online business podcasts where people are mostly just pitching their stuff). A gem.
Real, honest, and so well done. I wish all podcasts were this authentic. I love this podcast so much I’d pay to listen to it every week. Yup. It’s that good.
Love this show and Claire’s total fearlessness in asking the hard questions
I love how direct and transparent Claire is and how she expects the same from all she interviews. #truthbombs all over the place! Claire you are refreshing and real! Thank you!
Love Clair’s interviewing style. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions and speak her mind and it leads to a REALLY interesting listen. It’s totally worth your time.
In an online world where people brag about their million dollar launch (leaving out that it cost them $999,999 to execute the launch) these conversations are so needed. This podcast gives me new ideas to make money in my business, and helps me to feel not so alone in my business finances.
Claire, thanks for bringing back the podcast. I continue to find it very insightful for my business. You and your guests are rockstar and I love learning from the interviews.
In 2016 I stopped consuming all the things. It's 2019 - and I just stumbled upon this podcast and I can't stop listening. I love how detailed Claire gets with her questions, how she shares her own aha's during the episode, and how guests share all the glorified and unglorified things in their business. I'm so inspired to take my business to the next level and keep listening. Thanks Claire!
I can't say enough good things about this podcast. Claire is a pro interviewer who serves up hard hitting questions with posh and poise. Makes me wonder why she isn't a CBS News anchor. (Lookout, Nora!) And that fact that her guests reveal actual numbers, profits, and losses is juicy enough to drown in. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!! Check out Tarzan Kay's and Kira Hug's interviews for major motivation.
I just discovered this podcast and I love it. It’s frank, honest, and so inspiring! Discussing money can be so taboo but nothing is off limits on this show. Claire has a quick wit and talks to amazing business owners who spill how they make their money, what they spend on their business, and how they succeed.
Oh my gosh. Exactly what I needed to hear before my launch. Fantastic and real content that will leave you pumped and ready to dream bigger.
I feel like Claire is my "no small talk" twin. She asks the real, direct questions that most people would cringe at but her guests oblige her with all the nitty gritty details of how their businesses run, and most importantly, how they PROFIT. Wow. Seriously, just wow. From the questions to the guests to the oaccasional foul language, this podcast is perfect for fellow BS-averse online/indie entrepreneurs who want to KNOW IT ALL and want to be smart (and realistic) about their money goals. THANK YOU!!!
I’m just starting out in the online world after over a decade of real world solopreneurship. I’ve learned bits and pieces of valuable info from entrepreneurs that have made it! Thanks you :)
I SO loved the first episode I listened to and now, I’m hooked for life. If you are serious about your biz and want to go to the next level, then you MUST listen to this podcast. You’ll love Claire and her amazing guests.
Claire creates the space for frank and refreshing conversations about how small businesses really make money. There’s no sugar coating here—just the sweet, sweet taste of honesty and transparency!
Love how frank and honest Claire is with her guests. She’s keeping it real!
I appreciate how Claire goes deep with her guests and asks questions that get to the nitty gritty of how people get paid and so much more!
I'm so glad this podcast is back. Claire asks questions about money most folks don't have the balls to ask, and that's really useful. She's a real person on a mission. A+++++ would buy again.
If you are looking to make money (like me!), this is a MUST LISTEN TO podcast! I enrolled in Claire's "Absolute Facebook Ads" course two years, which was the catalyst for me to start making money in my business. The Get Paid Podcast helps me get UNSTUCK from money blocks and enables me to realize that ANYTHING is possible! Episode #63 with Brooke Castillo will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. Don't walk, run to this podcast and tell your colleagues to do the same. Shira Gura, Host of the Getting Unstuck Podcast
Great episode today - awesome inspiration for those of us beginners!
Love your podcast, Claire! I listened to your ep with Val today. The story of the moves she’s made in her business is inspiring. I’m in biz for two years, and constantly making little pivots, and moving toward more specialization. Those little adjustments in strategy feel negative sometimes to me - like inconsistency. So it’s super-validating to hear that others make them and thrive. <3
I can't say enough good things about listening to Claire talk and her thoughtful insights on running a business. She's just the right amount of genius, self-deprecator, and hustler...I could hear her talk all day!
I'm not a podcast listener. I absorb information much better through reading, so it takes a lot to hook me via audio. I first tuned in to Claire's Get Paid podcast a few years ago, but life (and babies) got in the way and I kind of let it go by the wayside. I recently started a new business though, and decided to catch up on the episodes I missed. All I can say is that I'm HOOKED. I recommend this podcast to everyone trying to make a living online, as it not only gives a completely honest look at what it takes to make it, but is also chock full of ideas for new ways to market yourself and well, get paid. I have my Bluetooth set up to automatically start playing episodes as soon as I get in the car and am really sad to say that I'm almost out of episodes! I really hope that Claire decides to create another season soon!
I listened to 3 episodes. It felt like amateurs pretending to be in the big leagues. I'll gladly listen to an amateur, we all can learn from each other. It's the pretending to be more than you actually are I can't tolerate.
I've been enjoying your refreshingly honest look at what it takes to start & grow a digital business. I love that you're calling b.s. on all of the so-called experts who make it seem so easy. It is friggin' hard to grow a business of any kind. The online kind is no different. Keep up the good work!
Thank you Claire for asking direct questions about how people get paid and for your guests and their honest answers. I decided to abandon my plan to create courses and digital projects and focus on 1/1 work after hearing Season 1 in summer 2015. This has led to an explosion of work in my biz and required very few expenses. #gettingpaid #profit
Claire is doing what no one else is - asking her guests all the frank questions of how they get paid in their online business. She features excellent guests and useful topics. What I really appreciate is how authentic and down-to-earth she is. You really feel like you're hanging out with one of you girlfriends while filling your brain with helpful nuggets. Excellent work, Claire!
Hey Claire, what an awesome podcast. The theme, focus, interviews, information, show notes (those show notes!), openness and actionable tips are fantastic. I’m loving Season ONE episodes, because that’s where I started and these seem to be the meatier ones. I’m a nerd, so I love data, information, analysis, great questions… And I know others enjoy and feel fed by connection, humorous banter, causal conversation and getting to know the hosts. It looks like the more recent episodes do a mix of both with Val co-hosting. I’m a fan!
Claire - I loved your guest Russ Ruffino. I always love hearing about new people in the mix instead of the same ole same. I’m about to embark in a collaboration that will cost clients around $12,000 for an 8 week process so this was perfect timing! Also I’m close with Jamie Jensen and that episode was baller. Hope you and baby are doing well :)
I really enjoyed Seasons 1 and 2. The back and forth between Claire and Val was great! Season 3 hasn't been my favorite - maybe the conversations are less focused?
I recently started gathering information with the plan to launch a virtual business in the near future. Listening to this podcast helped me discover some really great resources out there like! Plus both ladies are candid about the work it takes to be a successful entrepreneur as well as how to maintain and the importance of work/life balance.
I really appreciate the honest dialogues about work. Too many people try to frame their entre/intra-preneurial work in a “pretty,” neatly packaged way. I feel like I’m sitting next to Claire and her guests/co-hosts having a chat about how things really operate. It’s helping me look at my systems and practices and refine what I do. Thank you!
Claire thank you for the uncensored straight shooter advice. I'm grateful to come across your podcast and look forward to listening everyday! I've started from Podcast 00 and making my way through. Keep up the great work!
It’s great to hear the different perspectives and outcomes from different marketing opportunities. It really preaches your message of every strategy for every business isn’t going to get you results. Loving it, Claire & Val!