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Thank you, Nick, for my personally-signed book!! My dad and I are reading it every night! I'm learning so much from your book and your podcast! My family and I are so excited to launch our first podcast, and you are giving us the tools to do that. Thank you! Your #1 Podcasting Fan, Christopher Duffley
Just started a podcast and this has been super helpful to learn from! Keep up the great work!
I first heard of Nick when I subscribed to my very first podcast, The Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle (Peter Voogd and Nick Palkowski). Through this podcast, I also heard of another podcast called the Achieve Your Goals podcast, ALSO hosted by Nick (and Hal Elrod). Both of these podcasts share many things in common, but the one I want to point out is: they each have tens of thousands of listeners every month, if not hundreds of thousands by now. They’re also still active and constantly giving value to us listeners each week. Each podcast is rich with valuable and insightful content, and listeners from all over the world tune into each of them every week. Not only was this accomplished through each podcast speaker teaching valuable wisdom, but this was also achieved through Nick’s work on the back-end, where he touched on everything from marketing, to cracking the iTunes algorithms to get each one featured on the iTunes podcasts list. Here’s my point: Nick is one of the best authorities to learn from when it comes to podcasting. In this podcast, Nick teaches exactly what you need to know in order to start your own podcast and grow your audience, which in turn will bring major results for your personal brand and/or business. He’ll go over the complete essentials, which currently includes topics such as creating content for your podcast and what microphones to consider using (with examples and brief technical analysis!). What he teaches does not only apply to podcasts, however. He also shares insights that would be valuable for any business owner or for anyone who wants to build their personal brands and audience. Along with this, he also brings guests on to the podcast to share their expertise and to talk about their success stories with building their audiences. This podcast is an absolute must-listen and a must-download for those who want to build their brands, their audiences, and their businesses through podcasting. Millions of people consume content via podcasts because of how easy and accessible it is; imagine all the opportunities that come your way if you can tap into even a small portion of that with your own podcast. Nick’s podcast will help you work towards that. Do yourself and your business a favor, and subscribe to this podcast now!
This podcast is FANTASTIC. Nick does an amazing job breaking down the value of podcasting and how to do it. This is the place to be if you want to have your own podcast or improve your current one. It's a must listen podcast!!
WOW….The Power of Podcasting Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Nick. Keep bringing it.
This is the new money maker in the Information Age! Podcasting is an amazing tool. Thank you so much Nick for creating this it is really helping me see that podcasting is an absolute MUST.
This is the most exciting thing I have heard in a long time! I have been hoping Nick would launch a podcast for quite some time and I am stoked that it's finally here. Nick is sharp, visionary, and lays out the action plans to launch your business to the next level. I have learned so much from him already, and I cannot wait to hear what else this podcast has in store. If you want an engaging and powerful set of business lessons and profit- maximizing strategies, then this is the place!
Great content here. Staying top-of-mind by consistently adding value is one of the best ways to build a business. I couldn't agree more. I'm looking forward to the next podcast!
Refreshing! I love Nick's style and he knows a ton about podcasting. This podcast is short, direct, and to the point. Each episode focuses on one topic to help you learn more about podcasting. Nick coached me to get my podcast (The Deliberate Creative) started and he knows his stuff! I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning about podcasting. I am looking forward to more!
Excellent podcast! Really great information with a relatable and personal touch. Thanks for helping me laugh and learn:)