Reviews For Cinepunx

You would think that some punx shooting the breeze about films would be cool, and it is most of the time. The odd thing is that they seem to forget these are fictional stories and use those current year buzzwords such as : male gaze, gross, problematic, misogynistic, etc. You get the picture. Otherwise, solid stuff.
Liam and Josh are two knowledgeable film and punk nerds. They’re engaging and I love the fact that they’ll dedicate an entire show to a movie most of us may not have ever heard of. Also, great selection of guests local to the Philly and NJ area.
In between working with clients, I spend all day every day listening to podcasts. Cinepunx is my favorite. It's laugh-out-loud hilarious, smart, and engaging. I'm waiting for this gem to be discovered more widely.
So even in my prime, I wanted to be punk but really never was. I get the feeling that these guys wouldn’t judge me for that. I don’t even watch that many movies. Something about the way the hosts chat is so engaging that it makes me wish I was part of their conversation. So I end up sitting through full episodes not always getting the content and still enjoying the banter and insight.
And I’m not just saying that because they let me on it, and schedule for them. My opinion could be swayed by money, however. Get in touch.
I dig it
I could tell you how awesome this podcast is, but it's probably just easier if you listen and find out like the rest of us did. #TeamJosh
These nerds talk about punk rock and movies. It's good. An enjoyable podcast. Listen to it
I was a lost boy until I found this podcast.
Listen to this podcast! Great guys, great guests, and great content. For film nerds and punks alike. And contribute to their Patreon!
I love this podcast so much that I want to buy them better mics. But I'm sure with the new patreon, they'll get there. Support this podcast! The Kurosawa episode was brilliant, these guys have a wonderful take on film. Even if you're not a punk kid, this is a wonderful podcast. 10/10
I appreciate a podcast that you can tell the host geuinley enjoy the material they are talking on and this podcast has that and more! In my regular/weekly rotation!
Very knowledgeable guys. Lack of movie podcasts in Philly and these two are the best.
Liam and Josh know a ton about movies and music but what I like most about this podcast is their funny and engaging banter. They obviously are good friends and it's so much fun to be a fly on the wall.
It's like hanging out with old friends. Great conversations about music and movies that oftentimes delves into insightful social commentary. I listen in my car to and from work and find myself regularly laughing out loud.
Combining two of my loves, watching movies and listening to good tunes, Cinepunx is my favorite podcast. Josh is awesome and Liam is... well... he's okay. Seriously though, they are both great to listen to. My only complaint is that they still haven't had that Justin guy from The Farsighted Podcast on an episode.